Back from my trip to California!

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Ok, first, I must apologize, as it will only let me attach 5 pics per post, so I will be posting many many times in just a few minutes here...
But, I'm back from California. Here's what we did:
Thursday, flew to Cali, went to LA. We went to the big outdoor mall there, I can't remember the name, but it's like The Gateway in Utah. And there, who did we see but David Hasselhoff. LOLOLOLOLOL. It cracked me up. My dad's like "Hey, David Hasselhoff just walked by" and me and my bro were like "Whatever dad". But sure, enough, it was him. LOL. We also went to the big Guitar Center there. I played a very nice bass, and my brother tried out lots of guitars. They had some neat stuff there, all this vintage stuff and whatnot.
Friday, went to disneyland/california adventures. Yay. My little sis liked it the most, of course.
Saturday, another disney day.
Sunday, went to church, for which I forgot my skirt and felt like an idiot being the only person there in jeans. Then we went to the big aquarium in Long Beach. I LOVED it! That's where most of my pics are from, lol. Then we went to a beach by there, walked around for a bit, then this official dude drives up in his truck and is like "don't go in the water, it's dangerous to your health. There's been a sewage spill." Yeah... we were so outta there. LOL. We lovingly called it "poo beach" after that.
Today, went to Disneyland for the last time. It was POURING for the first hour or two, and we were soaked! But it stopped raining after a little while. When we were leaving Disneyland to go to California Adventure, I saw a poor little Kaydeedid (um... it's this bug that looks kinda like a leaf... I'm just guessing on the spelling here...) that was missing a leg who was walking down the middle of the sidewalk. Of course he was gonna get squished, so I let him crawl into my hand and then put him in a bush where he wouldn't get stepped on. Poor little thing. Then we went to California Adventures. My parents and sis went to this Aladdin show, and me and my bro used the opportunity to go on our favorite ride, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, at least 6 times right in a row. ;D It was glorious.
So, that was basically it. Best part, I saw at least 4 species of puffers. ;D

First set of pics is from the newly-remade submarine ride. They did it with a Finding Nemo theme. I must say that I liked the old one better. Oh well.

More pics to follow............

Here's my favorite ride in Disneyland, the Haunted Mansion. And for the holidays they did it up with stuff from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is one of my favorite movies! So I was very happy. ;D
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WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to let you know,there's a thread around here somewhere,someone wanted to put a dwarf puffer in a 10 gallon,but people remembered your post before you left,and advised against it..........Now there may be some who think you're psychic or something..............WELCOME BACK (oh,and those 1st pics,the fish look very fake;who are they trying to fool )
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Last ones of the ride, and then I promise it's just fish pics from there on out. ;D

This was at the Rainforest Cafe. They have a big fish tank there, and a smaller one upstairs. In the big one they had this lovely puffer I believe is a Stars & Stripes puffer. In the smaller one upstairs they had a Masked puffer (I think, didn't get a close look at it )
And, for good measure, my favorite land animal, the snake.
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Oh, yes I've been to that restaurant, but I wasn't into fish than so I couldn't properly appreciate the tank. Did you post pics in the last post because I don't see them.
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Welcome back PFP...SO glad you had fun.
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Here's a cute little porcupine. I'm gonna have one of these guys within the next few years ;D

Those are the ones that come up to your mask while diving,and POOF, blow up in your face!!!!!! POOF,and I am swimming like a shark is on my tail.
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That's a nice pic of the Leafy Sea Dragon, awesome. I haven't seen 1 of those in years.
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Awesome photos....looks like you got to see a lot of cool things and had a lot of fun... I am jealous.
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Welcome Back PFP

Where are all those photo's from?

Where in USA is that aqaurium you got the pics from because next year christmas I am going to USA and me and my family are looking for some stuff to do and I would be more then happy to go and look at that tank

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Hey Matt,you see the pic with the Percula and Oscellaris clowns,That's great..................I would go with you,but I would try to steal the whole aquarium.......
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LOL SOldier.

Soldier a secret between me and you: I am getting an extra LARGE bag big enough to fit the tank inside and sneak through customs. SHH! don't tell anyone **wink wink nudge nudge**

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Those are the ones that come up to your mask while diving,and POOF, blow up in your face!!!!!! POOF,and I am swimming like a shark is on my tail.

Welcome back PFP! It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for all the great pics.
I love the sealion. One of my all time favorites.
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Welcome back!You were missed Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics.
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It sounds like you had a blast! I just love the photos! Thank you so much for taking the time putting them up and sharing them with us.
I have a list of my fav photos lol..
Post #9 the 'dogface' puffers look like seal pups.. cutie pies for sure!
Saltwater photos:
Post # 7, 1st photo: I love all the colored stripes on this fish, it is gorgeous!
Post #10, Is that a grouper in the third photo! wow..
Post #14, 3rd photo... Post #17, 4th photo,
Post # 19, 3rd photo of all the clowns! That would make a terrific screen saver, any chance of sending that one to me to use on my pc? :;a2
I love the seahorse!! awww.... they are soooo cute!

You took really great photos! I'm so happy for you... what a wonderful vacation!
Welcome back! ~ kate
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Love the pictures makes me want to visit the aquarium.
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Welcome back, Pink. Loved the pictutres!
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Welcome back Pink.....Those are awesome pictures! I grew up in So. Cal so I've been to all the places you visited.....The LB Aquarium is wonderful isn't it!
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Holy Moly all of the pixs. I was wondering where you were...
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Hee! The market might've been the Americana or the Paseo (more likely the Americana- it's very new and has celebs performing and shopping quite often) They have really great shops, but their Barnes and Noble is very stuffy feeling. *much prefers the Borders down the street* They have the coolest elevators though!

I know the Long Beach Aquarium- the Aquarium of the Pacific- quite well! When I was a little kid my summer camp took us there every summer, and I've gone a bunch of times besides. I love it there- so many CUTE LITTLE FISHIES! *if wishes were fishes...*

Hazza for pictures of cute fishies! Now I need to convince mumsy dearest to take me over winter break.
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Where's the Micky Mouse ears? lol
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Thanks everyone.

Lucy-Let's say that the airline lost them
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pinkfloydpuffer, nice job on the photos! Looks like you had a blast. That one does look a bit like the "dogface puffer".
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Kate- I think that if you click on the picture twice it will open a new page with just the photo there and you can copy or save it from there.
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Kate- I think that if you click on the picture twice it will open a new page with just the photo there and you can copy or save it from there.

Thanks PFP
I will do that.. its a wonderful photo that I would love to see on my laptop when I come online. ;D
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Thanks PFP
I will do that.. its a wonderful photo that I would love to see on my laptop when I come online. ;D

Aw, thanks
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Yeaaa I did it! Thanks so much, it looks great! ;D
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Yay! Pic? JK hahahaha
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Oh gosh, I'm stupid. Forgot to mention that we saw the Broadway musical Wicked. lol.
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Welcome back pink!!! I absolutely LOVE all the pics!!!!! thank you so much for sharing it with us all

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