Back Filter Over Flowing Past The Filter?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by zby67, Apr 18, 2019.

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    ok so my tanks about two weeks old. same filter since day one. now i read some ware you dont want to replace the filter till your tank cycles. well im still reading 0 across the board...

    here is the filter fully submerged with a bypass past the filter.

    here is what the filter looks like (kinda dirty)
    so should i change the filter? odd question but hay figured id ask.
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    or just get a different filter other then the aquean quite flow 30?
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    3 green tiger barbs in the tank (for about a week this Saturday). so let the water by pass past the filter then? i just raised up the filter a little and it stopped using the bypass. and is quieter..... so cut the white portion out leave it in the filter and replace the filter cart? something ive never done before hmmm...ive always just replaced the filter cart and no im not dosing ammonia. ive used stability and TSS beond that just stress coat when i added the fish.
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    good to know thank you!
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    @zby67 , do you know how the nitrogen cycle works?

    The LINK that skavatar posted (that I posted again for you) has a lot of info that will give solutions to your filter's problems.

    The thread in the forum we linked to shows you how to not use cartridges anymore by using re-usable media. This saves you money and provides for better biological and mechanical filtration.

    The blue plastic inserts are basically taking up space in your filter.

    Your filter's reservoir is better suited for using a block of foam sponge, a bit of PolyFil and a bag of bio-media, all for under $10.

    Take a look at the write-up from the link and it will explain more about this.

    Good luck.