Baby Tiger Barbs


Can anyone advise me as to the best time to add a tank cleaner with my baby barbs

At the moment I only have 4 fry probably because I didn't remove the parents quickly enough but they are now 2 weeks old and the tank is quite dirty with algae. 

I think this is due to the Liquifry I have been feeding them because it says on the packaging that it contains micro organisms in it and I think these have multiplied in the tank plus I read that the fry need a lot of light so the light is on nearly all day and most of the evening. 

I would like to put a loach or plec in the tank to clean in naturally but I am worried that they might eat the fry by accident.  I would say that they are about 3 mm in length.  They are still transparent but the black stripes are just starting to show.


just make sure that the algae eaters mouth is smaller then the barbs!


any pictures?!


Oh yes. Fry pictures would be great.. ;D

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