Baby swordtail

Discussion in 'Fish Memorials' started by Disc10, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Disc10

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    Baby swordtail (apparently not dead!)

    Aww man I feel horrible. It's been a few weeks since my baby swordtails were born and they were looking quite big, so I thought to myself "Hey, I'll let one into the main tank and see how he does."

    After losing him for a bit I found him again just long enough to see him get backed into a corner and eaten. :( He would have been alive if I just left them alone... I didn't realise just how attached I got to them either. :'(

    EDIT: That little-! He's still alive! And swimming with the big fish! I'm ecstatic about this but I could swear he got eaten, I saw it happen! o_O Bizzare
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  2. steed1172

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    :O... fish know how to push your buttons >.>...well now that he is there.... maybe you should pick him up anyways? or do you think hes doing fine?(or could it possibly be.. a GHOST!!!! wooo oooo)
  3. OP

    Disc10New MemberMember

    I've put him back in the breeding net with the others, just to be on the safe side.

    Heh heh, ghost fish. I might have to a little cartoon along those lines XD
  4. steed1172

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    here comes a new sig pic :p
  5. OP

    Disc10New MemberMember

    Nah I'll probably just stick it on my website along with the other work.
  6. steed1172

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    "other" work? do you often draw?
  7. peacemaker92

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    Wow! That was a close call. Glad he's still alive. Do keep an eye out for him as he could be injured or something.
  8. OP

    Disc10New MemberMember

    Yup, he seems perfectly fine with his brothers and sisters now, it really was a close call!

    Yup, I have a website where I keep my cartoons together for people to see. Tomorrow I'm launching a little weekly webcomic that'll be on the site too.

    If you're interested this is the site: (I hope that won't count as spam o_O)
  9. mcurtissdsu

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    Oh, my! Glad he's ok! What a quick little guy!
  10. konstargirl

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    Thats some good news. Hooe he;s eating well.