Baby Snails Care Info?

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    In addition to my 40 gallon home tank, I also keep a 10 gallon tank in my fifth grade classroom with three tiger barbs. I've kept the tank for 7 years without a problem, all of a sudden this year, I have a major algae problem. I bought two snails from petsmart to help with the algae, one has a cream colored shell and one has a dark shell. Admittedly, I know nothing about snails, was just looking for an easy solution. I've had them for about a month and two days ago 5-6 baby snails showed up. I have no live plants in the tank. So did they breed or did I get one already pregnant? Will they continue to breed? I don't know how many baby snails I can handle so what should I do?
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    You could post pictures of the snails so members can identify them. Some snails don't need a mate while others do.

    If you want them out you can put a piece of lettuce weighted down in the tank over night. In the morning it should have attracted some snails which you can remove and discard.
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    Do they look like any of these snails?

    different snails.jpg

    Depending on which type you have, may or may not be beneficial to cleaning up your algae. Some snails such as the Mystery snail will not touch algae as much as Malaysian Trumpet snails.
    Also depending on the snail, they may keep breeding and breeding.