Baby Shrimp?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by shoeears, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. shoeears

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    We got a bunch of shrimp from a work friend and I think they had babies? I have attached pictures of the shrimp (would love to know what kind of shrimp they are) and I have circled what could be a baby shrimp. If it's not a baby shrimp, what the heck is it?
    We noticed a bunch of tiny things crawling on the glass. Some look like what I circled and some are even smaller and are shaped a bit differently, like round with what looks like a tail shaped like a stick?

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  2. MrBryan723

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    That isn't baby shrimp actually. It is another crustacean(shrimp still?) I don't k ow the exact name but copepods are what I call them.It's also a female. Those 2 things on the sides are egg sacs. They are harmless and good fish food.
  3. Demeter

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    Baby cherry shrimp look just like mini shrimp so that is not a shrimp at all. Looks like a copepod or similar aquatic “bug”. Harmless and healthy in the average planted aquarium. Great fish food for little fry too.
  4. nickrcarter6

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    Your shrimp look to be cherry shrimp just either yound and not colored up yet or just culls of a red line of neocaradina shrimp