Baby Shrimp?

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    I have a 25g beta tank with some amino shrimp and cherry shrimp in it. The other day I noticed what looked like waste on the rock that all the shrimp hang around at and was going to clean it out but never got to it. Went to check on them today and noticed it was gone so I assumed the shrimp just kind of worked it up and it ended up in the filter. I noticed a cherry shrimp off by itself by the plants(I can’t remember what it’s called it’s a carpet plant but not hair grass) so I thought it was odd that it was off by itself as they all seem to hang around each other. I looked close at it to make sure it wasn’t hurt or anything and I noticed a bunch of little white dots moving on the glass. I looked all over and anywhere there’s algae there’s little dots moving around about the size of a pin head. Could these be baby shrimp? IMG_0004.JPG
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    No... Baby shrimp when born are around 1mm so definitely not. Also how big are your cherries and aminos? Aminos tend to an territorial.

    Edit:mm stands for milimeter.

    Edit 2: Also if you need signs of berried shrimp then they will have yellowish balls near the females swimmeretes and she fan them until they hatch. I advise using a small amount of powder food to feed them.
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    Those are different varieties of microfauna, such as copepods, amphipods, and rhabdocoela worms. Baby shrimp are larger and look like miniature copies of the adults.
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