Baby Shrimp

  1. Kat129

    Kat129 Valued Member Member

    After having all my first batch of shrimp dying on me, I took the plunge and tried again. This time I bought shrimp locally in the hope that their water conditions would better match my own.

    It seems to have worked. I now have 16 adults, at least 7 babies and at least 2 more of my females are berried. I expected the fish to eat the babies so I am surprised they are doing so well.

    They are tiny and really quite cute :)
  2. p

    pikubird New Member Member

    Good choice. Water conditions are the most important part. The colony will grow Depending on the type of fish you have. My endlers never bothered the shrimp. Good luck
  3. Lynn78too

    Lynn78too Well Known Member Member

    Before you know it you won't be able to count them!