Baby Plecos

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    mexi1228 Valued Member Member

    Sooo i have a huge pleco explosion happening in my 55g tank. My female died two years ago after having a few rounds of fry. Now they are breeding and from what i can tell i have 2 males and ten females from the first round and im up to about 30 fry now.. any tips on how to sell them. My lfs only wants to give like 2 store credit per fish after they are 1 to 2 incjes long f255525cf90174e2638823f92f64b04f.jpg
  2. Philippians 4:13

    Philippians 4:13 Well Known Member Member

    Try to sell them on Fishlore, craigslist, ebay, etc. But if you can find homes for them on Fishlore, that would be better, because the people here are more likely to take care of them better.
  3. JandaBinal96

    JandaBinal96 New Member Member

    how many adult plecos did you have to produce fry?

  4. OP

    mexi1228 Valued Member Member

    Started by luck with 2. Right now I have 2 males and about 10 females... I'm sitting roughly about 60 fry now. Collect them for about a week then get a week break then they start popping up like crazy

    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    Take what you can get from your LFS on some of them ...imo...and if your confident in sending them through the mail or even post locally like someone else keep bioload down and not lose any from an ammonia spike as they are poop machines...finally..Congrats on all the fry!!! What strain are they or did u mention that already?

    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    albino bristlenose?
  7. OP

    mexi1228 Valued Member Member

    Choc albino bn.. female and long fin choc bn male..
  8. BittenByTheBug

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    Really, if you have 30 fry and they all make it to the 1" point and the store gives 2$ store credit per, that's 60$ store credit that could be used for tank equipment and stuff like that. I used to do that with angelfish and it was pretty a pretty sweet way to feed my aquarium habit.