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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by yanntrab, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Today, while observing my tank on my desk I found two tiny baby platies (about 3 millimeters) swimming around the bottom of my tank around the darkest areas under my driftwood and a little cave under my rock.

    I was petrified. I have no idea where they came from. I have not seen any sign of pregnancy or any eggs anywhere around my tank. This was a complete surprise.

    I have 2 sunset platies, 2 golden inca snails and 1 plecostomus in a 10 gallon tank. I do weekly water changes (25%) and vacuum my gravel every two weeks. But now I am afraid to do that in fear of sucking the babies out of there. I also turned off my filter for the same reason.

    What should I do? they seem to survive in the small dark places around my tank where the other platies cannot reach. But I definitely do not want to run into any problems, I just want them to grow and be happy.
    I was thinking of getting a tank divider? would that help?
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    congrats on the babies. Platies are livebearers so they don't lay eggs, and females often have stocky bodies so its easy to overlook that one is pregnant. The way it is with livebearers is that if the females have been around a male at all within the past several months it is likely pregnant, and they can have multiple spawns by storing sperm from that one encounter.

    Tank dividers work well, or just a breeder net or box as a temp solution.

    There were likely alot more fry in there but unfortunately they are the perfect tasty snack size, even for the mother.
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
    Congrats on your little babies!

    Is your pleco a common one or a bn?
    If its a common I strongly recommend moving it to a bigger tank or give it back to the LFS
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    Thank you very much for the replies,
    my pleco is a common one, it is only about 2 inches small - should i still bring it back to the LFS?
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    You should put nylon over the filter in take and turn it back on. You need moving water for all the fish and the nylon will help not sucking the fry up.