Baby New Golden Rabbit Snail

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    I wants to try experiment to learn on my experience with the snails. I bought 4 black mystery snails to put together with my goldfishes in the 25 gallon aquarium tank for about 2 weeks. It didn't turned out as my two black snails died. Then I watched them and study for a few days. And I just found it out that my fantail goldfishes took algae wafer, shrimp pellets and veggies. My snails are becoming starvation without no food. There's only two left black mystery snails. Thinking over on my mind. So then I decided to transfer them to their newer 5 gallon aquarium tank. Everything is all done set up. Afterward in the few days later my black mystery snails seem happier to have their new home. So they can find their food. They just go pooped all over. That was a good sign! Two snails still alive so far. Then I decided to add 3 more gold mystery snails and 5 apple snails. Kept eating on their favorite algae wafers. They are doing very well. Don't wanna waste on my money to loose them. Actually I called their new home, "Peace Snails' House". They don't like to be interfering or bothering with any other kinds of fish.

    I bought added two new adult golden rabbit snails. I didn't know that my snail was pregnant. I have no idea how and what happen. It was a few days later that golden rabbit snail gave a new birth baby golden rabbit snail. So cute and very tiny! I was so amazed to watch on my baby snail everyday. Feeding with the shrimp pellets. I am just so surprised! :;snail

    "Happy Snail House"
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