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Discussion in 'Snails' started by StormTrooper, May 17, 2018.

  1. StormTrooper

    StormTrooperValued MemberMember

    So I have like a hundred baby mystery snails, I love them and plan to take care of all of them, yes. But I have a weird problem that keeps happening. The babies range from 1 day old (a freakin dot) to almost 4 weeks old (pea sized). The bigger ones are super healthy, super fast, always eating, and never give me any trouble. But lately, I've noticed, mostly the bigger ones, they have a hard time getting off their backs. All day long, they roam around all over the tank and then when I turn their light on in the morning, there they are, on their backs, my 3 biggest ones and few tiny ones. A lot of the time the get up on their own after like 5 minutes of struggling, but sometimes I get worried after 10 minutes, so I help them. Should I not do that? Is it normal for them to struggle when they're small? Lol, I just worry too much I think, but I wanted to be sure. Should I let them learn how to do it on there own?
  2. Ms rose

    Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    I am not sure about babies, but if m sanils are on their backs, they do struggle to turn over, assistance may be needed if they can get over, but they can 95% of the time, do it on their own ;) congrats on the babies
    I have three clutches in an incubator now, ranging from 2 weeks to one day . I don't plan to keep them all lol I want to give some away when they are big enough, here on this site, I will have ivory, yellow, and magenta to ship out. I will only ask for shipping to be paid, but snails will be free. I do plan to sell some as well, but want to give back to the forum, as it has helped me so much. But anyways, your snails should be fine, and learn how to roll as time progresses, but always flip them if you c they can't do it on their own
  3. OP

    StormTrooperValued MemberMember

    Thank you so much! Question!: Do I just stay in touch with you on here about your snails? I'm really wanting some Magenta Mysteries! I'll buy them and pay for shipping if needed
  4. Ms rose

    Ms roseWell Known MemberMember

    Absolutely, or you can message me by clicking my name and selecting "start a convo" the magenta just we're laid last night, so I'd say roughly 2 weeks to a month and they will be hatched, so just keep in touch with me. I'll follow you so I can find you easier ;)
  5. Smalltownfishfriend

    SmalltownfishfriendWell Known MemberMember

    Ooh mystery snails!!! I might want some!!!:) Would be willing to pay also!!!:)

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