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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Abbysmom, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Abbysmom

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    Bought 4 mollies a few months ago, first fish I've ever owned. Surprise! They are 2 males and 2 females. One has had babies, only 5, likely because I had no clue. They are a only a few weeks old, and are surviving so far even being in with the other fish. I added some extra bushy plants to help them hide. So far they all appear to be female, will this change in the next few weeks? Also I noticed one male was constantly laying in the plant they were first hiding in, at first I thought he was dead as he was head down in the plant. The other 3 haven't been paying any attention to the babies at all from what I've seen. Was he looking for a fresh meal or monitoring them? Thank you!
  2. CindiL

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    They will all eat them if they can, mama included sorry to say. There is zero parental instinct other than the first day or so.

    I thought I had 3 female mollies but actually had two males and one female and now have about 35 panda molly fry that I caught and moved to a 10g tank. They are now about 1/2 inch long! I swapped someone for their females and my males and my locally owned pet store said they'll take the fry when they get bigger.
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    If they haven't eaten them by now at a few weeks old, I highly doubt they will. They all start out looking female, all of my platy fry remain female so far but the males sometimes take a while to develop and show. (Same principles apply to mollies as platies btw)

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  4. Lisa Schuster Altmiller

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    Yes they all start female and if they turn make it happens after several weeks or months. The male was most likely in the plant to grab a snack.

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  5. fishy1

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    Check out this video of 80 baby mollies all looks like female;

    About 3 month old you will note the changes and identity genders
  6. aquaman86

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    I once had found 1 or 2 fry that survived in my community tank after doing water changes. They were probably several weeks old and hiding under tight spaces. Best thing you can do is remove them and relocate them in a separate tank, otherwise like others have said the parents will eat them.