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I just sat down at my tank and noticed a tiny little fry swimming around near my driftwood!!! Now that I'm over the initial excitement I have a couple of general questions and some specific questions about what to do in order to give this little guy the best chance at surviving. I've witnessed a bunch of spawning behavior since I got them, but didn't really think any of the eggs would make it. Guess I was wrong. The tank is a 29g and it's pretty well planted. There's a school of panda corydoras and of course the rasboras, and a bunch of snails (slowly stocking a community tank up). Both HOB's already have pre-filter sponges.

  1. I did a 20% water change yesterday and didn't see him. I did some rescaping as well, so maybe he was just hiding. He's approximately 3/8" (eyeballed through the glass) from head to tail, any idea how old he may be?
  2. At what size will he be safe from predation by the other rasboras (I imagine the corys aren't going to be an issue)? Should I isolate him in a breeding box? I've included a picture of the whole tank scape... are there enough hiding places to let it free swim?
  3. Do I need to feed him anything special, or will there be "food" for him in the tank already? I read some posts about making infusoria with dry leaves, but that it takes some time. Would the driftwood already in my take have produced anything?
  4. I have Sera Micron Nature, but it's a fine powder that floats at the surface. Bad idea to lure him to the surface for food? Is there a way to get it lower in the water column?
  5. As he gets bigger, what kinds of food do I need to have on hand, and when can I switch to the flakes/blood worms I feed the adults?

Thanks so much!


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Congrats on the fry! :) Hope members who’ve also bred them can help answer your questions today
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Coradee said:
Congrats on the fry! :) Hope members who’ve also bred them can help answer your questions today
Thanks! I got some good feedback on another forum, but it was more general for any type of egg-layer fry. I'm very interested in what the members here have to say.

The little guy has changed hiding spots as of this morning (I panicked when I couldn't find him at first) and appears to be more translucent. I hope that's normal.
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