Baby Guppies

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by hydreloy, Sep 1, 2005.

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    Ok, this will have to begin with a sad story so get ready to cry(Just Joking) :). For people who don't want to read the story, You can just scroll down to the straight foward questions!!(but I highly recommend reading the story):).

    So, once apon a time, well 3 months two people went to the pet store and got one female guppy and one male guppy.(both black).The two people brought them home and put them in a 5 gallon tank. Half a month after, the male guppy knocked up the female, and then died. The female was left with nothing but a 5 gallon tank to herself and a round belly.  One month later she had little fry. No clue on how many because they two people were out on vacation.  When the two of them came back, they were suprised because they were expecting a lot of fry, but they could only find 3 survivors, the rest (if there were any left, went to the females belly).  As, a half month went by the female had died, for the sacarfice of her little fry. The little fry were eating her belly(must of been revenge for there brothers and sisters that fell to war in the harsh life of baby fries). Now, the guppies have their colours in(well shades in, cause all three of them are black).and they are a little bit smaller then a neon tetra.

    And the people are wondering when is it time for the little fries be able to go out in the world to discover their new lives.(well actually there going into another tank. 30 gallon.),If they are ready. the people don't know anything about how long or how old they can be before they enter this new world.

    And the people were also wondering if any or all fish will try to eat them(zebra danios,tiger barbs,gourmis,etc.)  there are plenty of hiding places for these three youngsters for their protection. They include large rocks(with crevises and cracks), plants,and drift wood with java moss all over it.

    How old can they be, before they are safe enough to go in the community tank?
    Will Tiger barbs and Gourmis try to eat the young ones?
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    Those three brave young guppies will have a happy ending as long as they dont fit into any of the mouths of the new intruders. Be prepared for baby guppy blood shed if a cichlid dares enter though!
  3. Butterfly

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    Right you are Fletch, as long as the babies don't fit into anybodys mouth they willl be safe.
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    :eek:I would be careful with the Gurami. I have a Gurami that ate my poor Guppies fry. After that, when other guppies had fry I just decided to take him out of the tank and move him to another one until the fry were big enough and they could be together.

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    hi do any ov you know how old baby mollies can be put in a tank full of other fish cos ive got 60 new baby mollies or is it best i get a new set up for them
  6. Butterfly

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    Jusy like the guppys, if they will fit into anybodies mouth they will get eaten.
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    thankyou carol
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    WELCOME!!! ;D