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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by joe, Nov 8, 2005.

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    my sailfin molly had babies about 3 weeks ago they r getting bigger. Also 1 of my platies had only 1 baby that i see but she still looks pregnant. i put all the babies except 2 babies in a 1 gal. tank. i have been feeding them crushed up flakes. What else should i be feeding them. My sailfin babies are quite a bit bigger than the platy baby tho. they seem to be doing fine. the platy baby is transparent and about half the size of the sailfin babys.
    These two pictures are not my fish. but they kind of look like them the sailfin molly that had babies looks like those. also the platy that had a baby looks like that but is more golden.

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  2. Butterfly

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    Live bearer fry are big enough at birth to eat crushed flake just fine. Just give them a variety. Most live bearers need a little veggie matter in their diet so I feed mine veggie flakes along with Omega One color flakes.
    They will be able to have several batches of babies about 28 days apart from ome mating. SSSOOO she probably is still pregnant ;) Hope that helps.
    By the way Welcome to FishLore!!!!!
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    thanks butterfly good info i just found another baby platy in the big tank and i tried to get it out for an hour and i still couldnt get it. could i leave it in the big tank or should i still try to get in my 1 gal. thanks
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    If they have places to hide like plants(live or artificial) they will eat stuff off of the leaves.Live bearer fry are masters at surviving.
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    lol tell me about it!