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    I’ve got a 20 gallon with runny nose tetras, cardinal tetras, and a couple of endlers live bearers along with a pleco. Initially getting the male and female couple of livebearers I was told that the male would pretty much eat the babies along with the tetras and that not many would make it. Well now I have a BUNCH of baby fish :/

    Is there another tank mate I could add that would actually eat the babies and not the other fish? I actually have a betta and tried to add him but he didn’t really care about any of the fish, and I’ve tried to catch the babies and the male or even the female and apparently I’m terrible because they are so fast I can’t catch any of them. It’s craziness. I’m hoping to just add something that’ll eat the little ones. They’re moving into a 37 gallon in a few weeks when it’s ready in which I’m hoping it’ll be easier to separate them but it’s already getting out of hand.
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    Gourami, most dwarf cichlids, many minnows, and many barbs will all try to eat baby fish. Really just something active and a bit larger than your cardinal tetras would try to. Your biggest limitation I see is with stocking levels and compatibility.