Baby Electric Blue Jack Dempsey in a 29...


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He/she is baby. (I'm thinking male) Like an inch big. The only other tankmates are a couple clown plecos and nerite snails.
When I look at tank sizes for Jacks it usually lists a pair's minimum is 30+. So would a 29 be fit for him for life? If not I have a 55 I could move him into when he gets bigger. He looks so tiny in this tank now its adorable.
Does anyone have any tips? This is the third one I've tried to keep. I've heard they can be a bit finicky, but they are seriously a dream fish of mine. The one I have now is so active and is starting to get almost friendly with me and I want him(her?) to make it. There is a bunch of driftwood that he swims though, that I'm tempted to get more. (Also because clown plecos love driftwood). He plays in the Anachris and Lilies I have too.
Side question: the driftwood I recently added before I got him has released tannins into the water. I dont mind the slightly brownish look, but is it beneficial, neutral, or bad for him?

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