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Hello All I managed to take some (well, quite many) pictures of my baby Angels. Of course the pictures are very unclear, the resolution is bad, etc ... but that's because they're still too small to photograph with a regular camera. However, you'll still be able to see them. They're more than a month old, and they're a little more than half an inch in length right now (including fins, so without fins they're smaller).

P.S. I love them so much I don't want to give them away even though I have no space to keep them!
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They are adorable! I know how you feel. That's why I'm kinda okay with my angels eating their eggs, because it would be hard to part with the babies!

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Gunnie you may be entirely right. Maybe it's better not to let the eggs survive (before they even hatch) than to raise them and then give them away, just like that. Besides, only you yourself know how much work you've put into raising them. And then ... watching them grow into beautiful angels! All this makes it that much harder to give them away. Maybe I should leave raising angelfish alone for now? And raise another batch when I have a huge tank and enough space for them in the future? How long do you think my angelfish pair will keep breeding?

P.S. The parents laid eggs already twice since I began to raise this batch. Of course, all were eaten. But I don't feel bad about it anymore because they were eaten so soon after spawning that they probably were not yet fertilized well. Imagine losing a batch that you've already raised! That would be a terrible loss!
I'd say a long time since mine are over 10 years old and they are stilll breeding, there my grandpas. Just let them eat there eggs and you have no problems, that's what I do.


p.s. I wish I had a digital camera to show pictures of my baby guppies and angels, there so cute and funny lookin.
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Thank you ATM. 10 years!!! That's a LONG time I am very glad it is so. I should definitely have another tank (that "huge" one, lol) within that time. I am actually hoping in 2-3, maybe 4 years.
Yup my grandpa knew his stuff. In maybe 15 years I hope to have a betta rack, large Saltwater tank, large Freshwater tank, and some smaller breeding tank and as many tanks as I can take care of. Hope you get your tank.


Your babies anf pics are gorgeous!!! Their fins are beautiful. See all those water changes are worth it
they will spawn approx. every two weeks for the rest of their life
awww, they're so cute!  You must be doing a great job raising them.  I know what you mean about not wanting to part with them.  My Guppy had babies in my tank and 2 fry survived, and I ended up keeping them because I couldn't bear to part with them!  Remember that even when you do have to give up your babies, you can always raise a new batch.
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Thank you all so much. I know I can always raise another batch (especially when I have another tank) - which is a sort of consolation for me. However, considering that it is my first batch of any fish raised, ever, it will be sad to give them away. Yet I know I have to, because angelfish grow to quite a size. My 30G is already stocked enough, plus there already are 2 angels in there, so an introduction of any new angel(s) could cause problems (ex. a new angel being rejected or picked on, etc.). If I wanted to keep any, it would have to be at least 2 angels that like each other from the batch. And once again, that is impossible, as my 30G would be way too overstocked.

Another thing that I am concerned about is that they'll die at the fish store because of (1) poor water quality (not enough water changes), and (2) confinement (not enough space). I have already seen how fish are confined and poorly kept at fish stores. My angels are receiving the best of care - I change water every day and feed them a couple of times a day. Their pH is stable (7.0 all the time), the temperature is at 80F all the time, and generally their water quality is very good. I am 99% sure they'll never have all that at the fish store. I also know they'll be sold to people who don't have tanks big enough for them and to people who may even unintentionally cause them to die.

All this renders my hard work being done in vain. If I only knew if they'll get into good hands. I don't even want any money for them, as long as they're well and happy. I also worry that the fish store won't take appropriate steps with acclimatizing angels in their new tank, and as a result they'll die. How do fish stores prepare for new fish? Do they get entirely new water? Or do they dump them in dirty old water? Because if they did that, my angels would die instantly as they're in water that has 0 nitrates. Won't a higher level of nitrates be a shock to them? What about a different temperature and a different pH? As I have said, my angels are receiving good care, and a new tank that has very different water parameters may seriously harm them, don't you think?

Maybe I should slowly start getting them used to poorer water quality, so that when they are transferred to a fish store, they won't be so shocked?

P.S. Carol, yes, the water changes definitely paid off. I can never thank you enough for your help. You've been wonderful. THANK YOU!
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How long will it be until you must give them away? I will be setting up a Cichlid tank this summer (hopefully) with Rams, Kribs, and Angels, so I may be able to take some off your hands before you must give them away

New York isn't THAT much of a drive..

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I know how you must feel. But there are good stores out there. I have seen my lfs get new fish, they let the bags float and stuff to let the temp equalize. Maybe you could visit different stores and ask them different questions to see if they seem to treat their fish well. Or just see if the fish are healthy and listen to what advice they give to people about fish.
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Thanks Marc and Omorrokh.

Omorrokh, I will ask the fish store to which I'll be giving my angels about how they will handle my fish. I'll ask them about acclimatizing technique(s) they use, the pH, and water changes. I hope they'll give me some good answers - they better!

Marc, you live in CT, right? No, it's not that far from NYC. However, traffic in NYC is always so bad that it would take a long drive even by car to get from one state to the other - I know that as I sometimes drive to CT (Stamford) to see my friends. Stamford isn't that far from NYC, and yet it takes at least an hour's drive because of all the traffic I have to get through. (I hate all the traffic in NYC and how much time it can waste you - terrible.) I keep my angels at 80F all the time, and an hour's drive would decrease the temperature a lot - I don't think they'd make it.

I already told my LFS that I will be giving them my angelfish once they're big enough and they're expecting them. So I don't know if it's appropriate to back out now. But thank you Marc for suggesting you'd take some of them. That would be great if you told me a bit earlier, and if it didn't take so long to drive. I will be giving them away once they're big enough - I don't exactly know when that will be, but I think they should be ready in about a month (they're supposed to be dime-sized for sale). I can't keep them long because as they grow, they produce more waste and my tank is only 10G. Angels grow to quite a size, so I have to give them away as soon as I can so that they are not confined within a tiny space and suffering.

P.S. Does anyone know how old are dime-sized angelfish?
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If you ask about how they handle fish and they don't seem very good, then don't give them your fish. Make up some excuse, but don't give your babies to someone who won't take good care of them. If you need to back out, then back out!
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You're right. If they will give me poor answers, maybe I should back out. But then I'll have to find another place quickly as my angles will need a larger tank VERY soon. Even at the size of less than a dime, 11 angles will already be too many for a 10G tank. Anyway, we'll see what my LFS will have to say. How about advertising in a local newspaper? Do you think people search for fish in local newspapers?
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If you want to, why not put an ad in the newspaper? It might be a good idea to find another lfs as a back-up in case this one isn't good. Remember that your amgels will be happier at least for some time in a small clean tank than in a big dirty tank. If they give you bad answers, do back out.
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Oh, Isabella, I have been waiting for these! They are so beautiful. They have such striking colors and the fins are so prominent. I can see why you will have trouble parting with them.

You have been an excellent Angel mommy! Congratulations!

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Isabella, They are sooooo cute. ;D I wouldn't want to get rid of them either..

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Thanks all! I know! I love them so much! I really want so much ... to keep at least 2 of them ... how I wish I had the time for more tanks right now!

Anyway ... Omorrokh, I asked at the store about how they handle new fish and I told them the pH and temperature of my tank so that they know in advance. They told me to call them a day before I bring the angels so that they can set up a new tank for them. They said the pH would be around 7.0 too. I think that's good, right? And, silly me, I forgot to ask them how often they perform water changes, but I'll make sure to ask them next time I'm there.


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I take it they gave good responses, that's good. A pH of 7.0 should be fine for pretty much anything...
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Shorty I really wish I could do that !!!

P.S. Shorty you're my hero for what you did to that LFS! KEEP FIGHTING GIRL! I'M WITH YOU!
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Carol, and all those interested: I'll have some baby angel pictures posted later today Carol, I tested the water a day after the bio-bag change and the results are: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate (as always), and a pH of 7.0 ;D So far no ammonia or nitrite spike, thanks God! If there is no ammonia or nitrite spike one day after a bio-bag change, does that mean that there will be none? Or could there still be a spike, even a couple of days after the bio-bag change? I really hope that this is it and that my babies are safe. Carol, my angels are already able to eat small bloodworms and small brine shrimp. I also finally got them to eat flakes broken into smaller pieces So, they finally eat everything I think the worst and the hardest work is behind me! But I've gotta tell ya ... these little guys were **** of a job! I think I'll loosen up on the water changes ... can I Carol? Please? (LOL)

OK ;D ! I got some pictures! BUT ... they're still not very clear because the angels are too small to take accurate pictures. I wish I had one of those professional cameras that can take clear and accurate pictures of tiny objects. Anyway, this is the best I could do for now:

And MORE! (Notice how they're all nipping at my finger below, lol, thinking of course that food is coming!)
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Isabella your babies are absolutely beautiful!!!!! You can look at them and see your reward for all those horrible water changes LOL. You could loosen up on the water changes without a problem, just keep testing that water. And if you haven't had a spike by now I don't expect one. Congratulations Angel Mommy!!!!
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OK then, I will loosen up on the water changes. Will definitely keep testing the water to see how often the water needs to be changed in order for nitrate to be at 0. I think even with less frequent water changes, like every 2-3 days (50%), it would still be possible to keep nitrate at 0. But we'll see - after all the fish won't always be in a nitrate-free water, so they have to get used to at least some nitrate at some point. I can't predict what kind of people will buy my angels and how they'll be taking care of them. Anyway, yes the water changes were definitely worth it And considering that they were fed on frozen bbs, not the live one, I guess it is a success as for me. I've never even raised any fish before! You have no idea how much I've come to love them! I SO DON'T WANT TO GIVE THEM AWAY :'(
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when all your little angels were nibiling at your finger it reminded me of my grandmathers angels (unfortanity they died of old age they were like 14-15 years old)
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yes at some point they will get used to some Nitrates, the point of keeping them so clean is because their little fins are still growing very fast and they need pristine water to do that without bending or distorting. your doing a great job, keep it up!!
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Congratulations on a gorgeous bunch of babies, Isabella. They are breathtaking. I wish I had an angel tank! I can see why it would be hard to think of giving them up. Just think though, there will be another spawn and then you will have this experience to look forward to again and you can watch this miracle happen to more "little angels".

They are SO beautiful.

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Isabella - congrats and great job on raising those baby angelfish. They look really good.


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Thank you all for the kind words! I am glad to be able to share my joy with all of you
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what adorable babies! I hope to be adding some angels to my new tank after it has cycled. Is the only way to get a breeding pair to buy several and see if they pair off?
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Well, this is the way that increases the changes of giving you a pair. I must have hit the jackpot, lol, because my 2 angels were the first and only angels I ever got. When they grew up it turned out they're a male and a female. I must have been very lucky. You can buy 6 angels and when two have paired up, return the rest back to the store, or give them to whoever wants them and is able to take good care of them. Let your LFS know that you'll be returning the angels to make sure they'll take them back. In how large a tank do you want to pair them up?

The reason I say "6 angels" is that with 6 angels you should be able to get a pair (very high chances of it).
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I have a 29 gallon. I'm in the middle of setting up..not cycled yet so it will be a while before I can get them, just thinking ahead. I guess if I got them small 6 would fit ok until I figured out who the pair was. Any favorite plants for the angels? I'm sure I'll be posting tons of questions after I get them I've had fish for years growing up but now I want to experiment with live plants, raising fry, bigger tanks etc.
Well thanks for your help and good luck with those babies!
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Manicivy angels spawn at about 8-10 months old so their pretty close to their adult size. You can't tell their gender until they get ready to spawn. I have had 4 adult angels in a 29G temporarily and it was a little crowded. Out of 4 you should be able to get a pair then take the other two back or by then you may be so attached to them you get another tank MTS (Multiple Tank Syndrome) will set in. Resistance is futile
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Yup, and no matter how hard you try to tell yourself you won't get another tank ... it's only a matter of time when you will get it!
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This is my ideal thing to do..
I want to breed at least 1 set of angelfish fry before I die
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LOL, you will haha It's not so hard! All you really need is a mated pair. When they mature, they spawn like crazy. My pair lays eggs about every 3 weeks - don't know how to stop them if I wanted to, lol. If you want a real success and to see the parents raise their babies, get a separate tank just for the mated pair (I'd suggest at least 30 gallons), feed them well, keep them in warm temperature (at least 79F), and sooner or later they will spawn in such conditions. Also, have only a sponge filter in a breeder tank because it won't suck the fry in once they go free-swimming.

Here are more recent pictures of the baby angels (which are not babies anymore):

And here is when they were even smaller than on the pictures in this thread:

P.S. The reason I suggested at least a 30 gallon tank is because it would be a good size tank to raise the baby angels into adolescence in it. If you get something smaller, you'll soon find the angels growing too large for it, and you'll need to get another larger tank to move them. But if you get a large tank right away, you're saving yourself a lot of trouble.
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There great!

I have a 60 gallon tank currently cycling, and it is quite tall which I know angels prefer...

I don't know whether to get angels or different varietys first

Any opinions?


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If you have the money, make the 60 gallon a nice community tank, getting a variety of fish species. If you can't spend a lot and absolutely have to breed the angels, make the 60 gallon a breeding tank for angels. Or (again if you have the money and if you want to breed angels), get 6 angels for the 60 gallon tank - with s6 angels the odds of getting a mated pair are very high. Once you've got a pair, get a 30 gallon tank as I described it above, and put the mated pair in there to breed. The 60 gallon tank will be then left to make it a community tank if you want. You could keep the other 4 angels in the 60 gallon tank or give them away if you wouldn't want them anymore.
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Thanks for your opinion Isabella

Ive decided to make it a community tank with perhaps two angels

Ill keep you posted with photos
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I'm super excited so I thought I'd share, my pair of Angels that I picked up ten days ago laid eggs. Then in under 24hours (unless I'm blind) they hatched! I currently have 30-50 little tiny baby Angelfish attached to a leaf of Amazon sword. I'm not really trying to do anything special with them at the moment, but it just made me really happy.

Sorry for potato qualitypicture. Gotta dig out the good camera later today

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I am so happy for you ! I love angelfish. I have two of them, but I am pretty sure they are both females. I hoppe someday I will have babies angelfish too ! Good for you !
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Well, I made a stupid mistake. I got one of the nets and put the non-free swimming fry in it. The parents freaked out. I turned it on its side and they ran in, gobbled up the babies and spit them back out on the lead. They've been super protective of them, but this morning when I woke up, there are only about 15 left on the leaf and I see a few swimming around the leaf. Hopefully next time I'll have everything in place to do it right.

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