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  1. klutz10154

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    so while I was at work my awesome boyfriend found out we have baby catfish in our 30 gal... with 13 adult corys... will the adults eat the babies???
  2. amber0107

    amber0107Well Known MemberMember

    Quite possibly. Do they have plenty of hiding spots?
  3. plecodragon

    plecodragonWell Known MemberMember

    What else is in the tank?
    Usually once the fry are big enough to be seen by us they are pretty safe from the adults thou they should have somewhere to hide that is harder for the adults to get to. Feeding your adults well and they also have a better chance. A clump of java moss is helpful.
    I just love baby cories they are just so cute.
    Good luck.
  4. OP

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    DSCN0866.jpg this is an updated pic of the tank. fairly nicely planted but we just found them today and they were all over the place lol
  5. fishaddiction

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    If you want lots of survivors remove if you want just a few leave as is nice pic. :)
  6. MMJ

    MMJValued MemberMember

    hey itz gr8 to hear that
    Congrats :) :)
  7. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member


    Maybe you can weigh down that plant that you have floating.
    They can hide out in there.

    Sounds like they've been really good at hiding without it!
  8. guppygrl

    guppygrlValued MemberMember

    Wow that's so neat! Congrats on the new babies!
  9. OP

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    They are sooooo small! I can barely see them! my boyfriend is great at seeing small things like that. we ended up taking out what we could find and putting them in a hang on the side breeder box that has a filter on it. the plant on the top in the pic is hornwort and is supposed to be a floating plant so I'm not really concerned about it. the only things in the tank are the 13 adult corys of various species and what ever babies we couldn't see lol
  10. OP

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    DSCN0867.jpgDSCN0869.jpg I don't know how he saw them last night but here's a couple of not so great but the clearest I could get pics of the little guys lol
  11. OP

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    So in the last week we've found 5 new babies in the main tank! either that or they're really good at escaping their breeder box lol so we're up to around 20 cory babies!
  12. tim1989

    tim1989New MemberMember

    They're growing. They've gone from eyes with little tadpole like tails to getting tiny bellies and their tails have started to fan out a bit.
  13. OP

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    Like Tim said the babies are getting bigger! got a semi decent picture DSCN0875.jpgDSCN0877.jpg
  14. OP

    klutz10154Valued MemberMember

    Updated pictures! They're getting soooobig! 2012-12-29 12.30.59.jpg
  15. plecodragon

    plecodragonWell Known MemberMember

    I am confused the pics that you posted are not pics of catfish (cory) fry. The fry in the pic look more like some sort of tetra or livebearer unless I am not seeing the cory fry hiding in the rocks? If you didn't have some other fish in the tank then it is possible that they came with new plants?
    Cute fry
  16. Shazray

    ShazrayNew MemberMember

    Yeah ... what are they? They look like tetras to me!