Axolotls - Advice needed!


HI there... If anyone here knows about or keeps axolotls, I'd love to hear from you.

They're beautiful little creatures, and I would really like to own one. A local pet store has them at the moment, but will not be getting them again, and I feel very inclined to get one. I've heard they eat turtle pellets which aren't the easiest thing to get hold of round here, so are there any other foods that they eat? I may be able to get an occasional dead goldfish from the store but I need something more reliable.

Any other tips would be majorly appreciated too. Thanks!

(By the way I'm new here, so... hI everyone )


You can feed them pellets for large fish or live small goldfish (feeders) as well.


I had an Axoltyl, he lived in a 4ft planted tank that was outside, no filter or such. When he passed he was around 30cm long. I feed my guy garden worms,feeder gudgeons and mealworms, which he absolutely loved, never tried pellets.

I used tap the surface of the water and he'd climb up his log and take food from my hand *L*.

Sadly I accidently killed him, I didn't know, until I did some more research into it, that rain/soft water will kill them.


Might be a bit late but heres my set up ,
1 x wild color ( brown ) = 26 cm or about 10"
1 x albino ( gold ) = 21cm or about 8"
3ft tank with under gravel filter + small air driven corner filter ( they don't like strong currents )
large gravel ( so its less likely to be inhaled but can still happen)
and river stones
terracotta pots and pvc pipes to hide in
ph is around 7.0 ( 6.5 - 7.5 is recommended )
my tank has no heater or cooler
max temp 24c about 75F ( check conversion - sorry from Australia )
min temp - don't let it freeze , they like cold and ive read it can help them heal if injured
FOOD = beef liver , worms ,(they will eat live fish , there are axolotl pellets available here but ive never tried them and a friend who studied biology told me they will eat turtle food )
Hope this helps

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