Axolotl 20 Gallon Tank

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  1. StXWP6

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    Didnt really know which forum to put this on but i was wondering if you...
    A) need a heater?
    B) can have tankmates?
    C) best filter?
    D) substrate?
    E) need to cycle?

    New to axolotls and really would like one so if you have answers to these let me know
  2. Quiche

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    a) No heaters, they need to be kept at 70f or below.
    b) No tankmates besides other axolotls, if space permits.
    c) The problem with axolotls is that they are very, very messy. However, they also don't like water flow. A canister/hob filter with a baffled output would be best for a multi-axolotl tank, but if it's just one, two strong sponge filters may suffice.
    d) Absolutely no gravel, because they can eat it and cause intestinal impactions. Very fine sand is ok but I keep mine without sand because cleaning it would be a pain due to the messiness.
    e) Yes, need to cycle! They breathe water just like fish.

    If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them! I'm currently raising some baby axolotls and they're so much fun :)
  3. OP

    StXWP6Valued MemberMember

    If I don't use a heater would a chiller work fine? My room tends to get hot during the summer.

    what would you use if you aren't using sand?
  4. Bettalad

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    A chiller will work to keep the tank cold and provide peace of mind during the hot months!

    You could do bare bottom if you don’t want to use sand
  5. FishFor2018

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    ive heard that they need a place to go to get out of the water but im not sure if thats true or not lol
  6. Bettalad

    BettaladValued MemberMember

    That’s not true axolotls are fully aquatic
  7. Bettalad

    BettaladValued MemberMember

    They’re from a lake in Mexico!
  8. AngelsAbove

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    A) "need a heater?" Nope, they are cold water critters. They prefer water of about 68 degrees. No more then 70.
    B) "can have tankmates?" .... Yes and no. I've heard a lot of people keep their with disposable white cloud minnows. They usually eat them after a whilw. A friend has never had any eaten.
    D) substrate? ABSOLUTELY NO GRAVEL. Gravel will be eaten and can kill your axo. Use sand or bare bottom. I suggest bare bottom even though it's ugly, because axos have a large bioload.
    E) need to cycle? Yes.
  9. AngelsAbove

    AngelsAboveValued MemberMember

    Also, I'd like to add that 1) you need another 10 gallons per each extra axolotl and 2) don't fill the tank up all the way since these guys sometimes leap for no apparent reason and could jump out of the tank. They need more ground area then swimming area.
  10. TheMadScientist

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    I have built several cooling fans that are built in my lids for cooling.
    Also these guys do not like bright light. Keep it dim and out of sunlight. I went as far as tinting my house Windows in my fish room.

    Also temp wise I have read many place pretty much 62 to 72 is ideal 72 to 74 is warm And 75 or over is stressfull
    Also I feed mine a mix of earth worms and axo pellets. Even minnows...

    Btw I got 3 in a 55 And it seems perfect
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