Axolotl Trade Wanted! Western Washington

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  1. FishKid26 Valued Member Member

    I adopted a super cute melanistic axolotl to put in the same tank as my leuthistic axolotl of about same age as the tank was looking too empty as my leu was still small and young (the runt of the litter too). Brought home and melanistic and a little while later, they were both old enough to sex only to discover that my mel was a girl and my leu a boy.
    While I love them both, I would prefer not have baby axolotls (or cause extra stress on the female) or have to put them in separate tanks. Therefore I am hoping that someone would be interested in trading a female axolotl for my male or a male axolotl for my female as I’d still like to have two but in a same sex pairing.

    Tl;dr: I am interested in trading a male leuthistic axolotl for a female axolotl OR a female melanistic axolotl for a male axolotl

    Local preferred as I don’t want to ship or drive a crazy amount

  2. FishKid26 Valued Member Member

    Still interested in this! Love both of them but I’d really love to have an undivided tank without risking the female’s health!
    I’d be willing to potentially ship if you’re experienced and could give me some tips on how to do so properly!
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    I posted a reply to you a few days ago, but I guess when someone else replied to me saying that "I don't how to read" when I said I live in spokane washington and have experience shipping axolotls all the way to maine...
    They said you weren't looking for shipping ir someone outside of your area even though we're both in washington...
    My lfs has some really nice specimens...
    Shipping is really easy, and can be done pretty cheaply if you ship on the right day and because we're so closely together.

    I posted prices of the axolotls and some more info in my previous reply that I seem to have forgotten...
    Kinda wish a mod didn't delete my reply just because someone else didn't think it was helpful..
  4. FishKid26 Valued Member Member

    I was looking for that reply! Saw the email and was happy for the response, bummer it got deleted!
    I’m not positive if I’m fully understanding how a potential trade with this information would work? Would I trade with the store or with you? Does the store have a site I could look at?
    Thanks so much for your help, sorry others were rude!
  5. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure if the store has a site or ships hehe but I do know the new fish manager.. He's pretty cool, keeps nano tanks, what I did last time was I purchased the axolotl, and then send it and we sort of split the difference with a plant trade, but of course you'll be sending another axolotl!
    I kinda fell in love with this little baby.. And the interactiveness of some peoples in their videos has really gotten me into them, and since I didn't actually use my 20 long the way I wanted.. I've gotten a new stand for it so I can see it at eye level next to my bed now! And with me needing to get more 50lb bags to only use about 10lbs of it, I can use it in there lol
    Shipping is pretty easy as I said before.
    You just bag them in as fresh as possible water with a dose of prime or water conditioner, add some air using an airline or if you want more pure oxygen, you could ask a local shop if they might bag it for you.
    If you haven't learned how to tie the bags you can probably find tutorials on youtube, I tie my bags and place them in the smallest box possible with styrofoam edges, luckily I order online boxes a lot so I have every shape and size and lots of foam!
    2 day shipping can sometimes be expensive since it's probably about a 5lb box that you're shipping, but sometimes a more standard shipping is said to get there the same day as 2 day.
    If you're scared the bag may pop, double bag it, I always do.
    You don't need a heat pack, and I always litter my boxes with fragile do not drop this side up, on every side, even if it doesn't make them more gentle with the product...
    If you have more questions I can answer them! There is also a fedex/usps price checker online as well
    I'll have to message you my zip lol