Axolotl Paludarium

This is hypothetical, not actually happening (unfortunately. I have neither the money nor the room for a paludarium now or axolotls).

I read recently that some axolotls actually do morph to their salamander phase instead of staying in their typical juvenile phase. In order to prepare for any unexpected morphing when keeping axolotls, could you make a paludarium for them with no other land species?

Side question: how do the land animals not escape from paludariums?

That's all. Thanks for humoring me.
Paludariums are sick! Less than 1% of axolotls morph, though - I've raised around 85 from egg and only one ever did, and that one had a...troubled past. It's a bit of a long story so I'll spare you the details, but one factor may have been that he lost and regrew 75% of his tail in his youth.

That being said, you could certainly make a paludarium for the aesthetic, but it's not necessary. The axolotl would almost certainly never see it! Even if it did morph, you'll get a few day's notice in advance before it's unable to breathe. You'll see the gills shrinking alarmingly fast first, and then eyes bulging out, nostrils forming, and the tail fin streamlining into a salamander tail shape.

As for how they don't escape - no idea ^^' Upon googling, it looks like many are designed with the body of water next to the open front. Maybe that's so that unless the critters in the back can make the leap across, they're stuck there?

Edit: While we're on the topic of cool axolotl enclosures, I was thinking a while back about an indoor "koi pond," except stocked with axolotls. Unfortunately I too have no money or space for this idea, but it's fun to have pipe dreams :)
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