Axolotl fungus


Hi, i woke up this morning and noticed fungus on my axolotls gills. Did a big water change when i noticed it. This is the first time he's been sick since i got him, i've read about salt/tea baths. Not against trying it but i've never held him, always been too afraid i might hurt the little guy on accident. So i doubt he would just let me pick him up right? Plus the tank is in a really awkard spot. I thought about using a net but that just sounds like a more stressful option for both of us.
Anyways, any tips?
I don't expect there to be a way of treating this without taking him out of the tank but if there is it would be a lot easier for me.


Poor little guy.... that was good that you did a partial water change. I would keep up frequent partial water changes with every few days. Don't know too much about axolotls, but what are your water chemistry readings?


Hello! I've got a couple of axolotls that have needed salt baths before, so I can help you out. Couple of questions: how old/what size is your axolotl? Is he at a healthy weight? So long as he's not very young or very sick, these following instructions should work.

For salt baths, make sure to use aquarium salt & dechlorinate. The ratio of salt to water is approximately 2 to 3 teaspoons per liter/quart- I used 2 teaspoons per quart of water at first and ramped it up to 3 over the course of a few days. The next step depends on how bad the fungus is - if it's mild, I'd recommend only doing it once a day for 10 minutes, but if it's pretty aggressive, do twice a day. He's going to freak out when you put him in the salt solution originally, but he'll be alright. Just keep an eye on him.

You're right, you'll have to pick up your axolotl eventually to move him between the salt bath tub and his tank. How big is he? For small guys, I'd find a big cup and try to transfer him that way. Larger ones, keep a firm but gentle grip and don't squish the poor fellow. What I do to hold the adults (>6") is keep my thumb and pointer on the back of the animal and support the stomach with the other three fingers, keeping the "neck" of the axolotl in between my pointer and middle fingers. He's going to try to wriggle out due to instinct, but as long as you're not absolutely squashing him, keep a firm grip and don't let him get away – you do not want him to flop out onto the floor when you're transferring between the salt bath and tank. Move the two as close together as possible.

Also, what temp is your tank at? If it's been higher these past few days, that might be the cause of the fungus. Do water changes so long as your axolotl doesn't appear stressed- mine are tough and can withstand 90% WCs for a few days, but it might depend on the individual. And do share pictures of him if you have them!

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