Axolotl advice please.

  1. Boopy Mitch

    Boopy Mitch New Member Member

    i am wanting to get some axolotl's but just want so advice before buying a aquarium and so for. I am looking at the fluval 87 litre aquarium which is 78cm length, not sure about width. It has filter and light in hood. Is this aquarium suitable for two axolotl's.

    Also what does an axolotl aquarium need (sand, plants, decors).

    Thanks for any advice. And I would love to see some of your axolotl setups. Thanks. :)
  2. Flowingfins

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  3. OP
    Boopy Mitch

    Boopy Mitch New Member Member

    Thanks for advice :)
  4. blusshed

    blusshed Well Known Member Member

    The tank is a little bigger than a 20gal long, so no, I would say only 1 adult axolotl could live in this aquarium.

    ^Hellven's tank.