Avoiding shocking my new fish Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by loachaholic, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Pretty soon I'm going to be getting some Sparkling gourami (yay Birthday money!) and want to make sure they adjust fine to my tank. At the LFS I'm getting them from, they're being kept in a blackwater tank with Discus fish. I'm a bit worried that my water is going to be too different from theirs, since that tank is VERY dark with tannins.

    Should I get a piece of mopani root for my tank, to get my water a bit closer to what they're used to? Or just do my best to acclimatize them slowly via drip method? I don't really like the blackwater look, so I'd eventually want to take it back out again.... plus the water here has a relatively low PH already, I don't want to send it down too much... So I'm really not sure what to do. I just want to make sure they settle in as smoothly as possible!
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    I would use the drip method if you already have a low PH & you don't like the tannin stained look. Ask what the water parameters in the tank at the LFS are. If your PH is already low they might not be that different from your parameters anyway.
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    Major setbacks! :'(

    I'd been going off of this readout Nana gave me of a water test that had been done for her hottub, listing PH as 6.0. Did a home test and got a result of 7.6, so went to the LFS to get a second opinion.

    Turns out the only readings that I was right about were for Ammonia and Nitrite! Both 0 which was at least some relief, but my test was right after all and my PH is way up there. Not only that, but I have copper in my water, which finally explains the snailpocolypse following my move. It also dashes my hopes for a cherry shrimp colony.

    So I got some PH Down to help with that, not much I can do about the copper, though Nana suggested I do a water change after taking a shower so the water I use wouldn't have been sitting in the copper pipes for too long. I got 1 more snail and if he doesn't make it, no more snails for me. Which also means no puffer fish. And if that last surviving shrimp I found before the move isn't here a month from now, no more shrimps either.

    ... this blows.

    Next time I'm in the other LFS I'll ask them if they could give me a PH reading of their Gourami tank and see how different it is, hopefully with the stuff I got I'll be able to get it low enough to get my fish. If not... I will be one very disappointed fishkeeper. And after I emptied that tank just for them...
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    I don't think you should use the pH down. Those types of products are unsteady and can crash your tank.
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    +1, Id just go with the drip method rather than fooling with your tank
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    If you simply add a product such as “pH Down” this will not work. Your buffering system will simply very quickly raise the pH back to its original state. You must remove the buffering ions from your tap water so that you may lower the pH.

    The best way to accomplish this is to purchase a Tap Water Purifier unit. These units filter the water from your faucet using an ion exchange resin. The resulting water is free of the salts and minerals which buffer your water. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals makes a nice compact specifically designed for aquarium use.

    Without purified water, you may be able to lower your pH for a day or two, but without first removing the buffering ions your pH will climb again to natural levels. This fluctuation in pH is much worse than having the wrong pH to begin with.

    As an additional option, some hobbyists use peat to soften their water. By running peat in your power filter, or by placing a layer of peat under your gravel, you will soften your water. This technique can work well, but is more complicated, less predictable, and probably best avoided by the inexperienced hobbyist
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    I don't think the copper is comming from your pipes. Supposedly the water causes a reaction with the copper that has some substance form on the inside of the pipes which stops the copper from leaching out into the water.
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    If your tapwater is unclean you could try buying RO water or something? I know my tapwater in my area has alot of junk in it, so I just invested in some large water containers and make a weekly jaunt down to the store to fill them up, its actually not very expensive at all.
    Sometimes its just easier to buy some cleaner water rather then use dirty water and buy a bunch of products to clean it up. :)
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    Kay, so I've decided to just CALM DOWN about the PH difference, and I'm going to get my gouramis tomorrow. Use the drip method, take my time introducing them, I'm sure it'll be fine. When I first started my tank I was throwing fish in willy-nilly, hardly even floating the bag and I didn't lose any to initial shock (the following problems of overstocking and incompatibility, however, is another matter). As long as I take due caution with these guys I think they'll make it.

    As for the copper, my new snail's still around, and so is the shrimp I moved here with. I think if the levels were lethal to shrimp he wouldn't have lasted the past 2 weeks. So while there may be trace amounts, I should be able to start my colonies.

    Now my only problem is figuring out how many fish to get... I can afford 8, but was thinking maybe I'd get 5 or 7 to start... I still have to decide.
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    I got 7 :D They're in their jar now, it took 5 knots in the air tube but finally got it down to 1 drip per second. When it's full I'll dump half out and do it again... repeat... release... enjoy!

    SO excited to see them swimming about their new home... the waiting is killing me XD