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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Slug, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Slug

    SlugWell Known MemberMember

    WOW.......WOW. Left speechless. By far, this is THE best looking movie i've EVER watched. You MUST go watch it in 3D. Its simply amazing. I've seen the future of movies and its awesome.

    Great movie, go see it. Its 3hrs but worth every penny IMO.
  2. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17Well Known MemberMember

    I'll put it on my list of must see's, Ive been wanting to see it since I saw preveiws for it during a football game
  3. clickWell Known MemberMember

    One word for this movie: AMAZING. I've seen it on regular screen and today I went out to buy tickets for Imax 3D....I could only buy for the screening on Thursday evening, they were sold out. Can't wait to see it in 3D :party0011:

  4. Tigerlily

    TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    I saw it over the weekend. Normally those 3D glasses make me fidgety but I totally forgot about them in Avatar.

    (Even better than the Pink Floyd 3D Laser Show I took my son to for his 18th birthday.:))

  5. AwNuts

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    wow its 3hrs long, im soooo there,

    our local theater has a new x-treme screen and the room has been redesigned with unique personal leather chairs which recline and have a nice foot support.

    i won't need a pillow for me to sit for three hours lol.

    Thanks for the update on the movie as i was wondering how it was.

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  6. crazedACD

    crazedACDValued MemberMember

    Watching it now :p...good movie with a great message.
  7. GMCMaxxValued MemberMember

    I can't wait. But unfortunatly, I'll probably have to wait till it comes out on blu-ray. I have no time for theaters. uhghh :(
  8. GMCMaxxValued MemberMember

  9. mosin360Well Known MemberMember

    I'm highly looking forward to it but I don't do theaters so I'll wait for the blu-ray release.

    And there is a message? Looked like just a great action movie to me from the trailers.
  10. OP

    SlugWell Known MemberMember

    The only message I could see from it is the whole climate and environment change because of human destruction.
  11. Tavel

    TavelWell Known MemberMember

    It's the classic "dancing with wolves" message...not a ground breaking story, but it's still intrigueing.

    I haven't seen it myself, but I've heard it's the first 3D movie with 'restraint'...it isn't all "wooo look it's 3D! do you see it! THREEEEE DEEEEEE LOOK LOOK LOOK" like every other 3D movie I've seen.

    I have hope for 3D now, I used to just shake my head in shame when I heard the words uttered.
  12. Tigerlily

    TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    I would agree with this... good description, Tavel. Previous 3D movies made me fidgety. Some left me feeling slightly queasy (goofy vestibular system). Avatar was not overdone at all. The storyline is predictable but overall it was an enjoyable movie.
  13. clickWell Known MemberMember

    Just came back from seing the movie in Imax 3D...WOW...I was never a fan of 3D but this time I had a big surprise. The level of detail was amazing, I felt I was walking in the forest myself and I could touch the plants if I reached out. I didn't want it to end...and the others in the theatre felt the same, they stayed in their chairs all the way through the ending credits. James Cameron is a genius.

    How about the message we, as a human kind would do anything to reach our goal, even if it means wiping out an etire population? It does hit quite close to home with this one.
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  14. OP

    SlugWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah he scored big with this.
  15. Tigerlily

    TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    Being a "the glass is half full" kinda gal I took away a slightly different message. While humans can be greedy and destructive we are also endowed with great intelligence, the ability make choices, be loyal, be selfless, and feel compassion and empathy.
  16. Minnow

    MinnowWell Known MemberMember

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, my dad's taking us to see it next week. My sister says it's really good, she's coming with us to see it again.
  17. Bad Wolf

    Bad WolfWell Known MemberMember

    I saw it in 3-D with the dad and the two brothers, it was good, but i found it was a bit fast.
  18. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    I just saw it. It was incredible! I am reeeeeeaaaallly impressed. We had to see it in regular 3D, I-Max 3D is still sold out.

    I also feel fidgety during 3D movies. And I thought for sure I'd be bored in the middle bacause it is so long. But the pacing of the movie was genius. I never felt like it was dragging. And the 3D felt very natural. That was a beautiful movie.

    For those of you waiting for Blu-Ray, normally I wouldn't say this, but this one is worth trekking to the theater to see.
  19. Minnow

    MinnowWell Known MemberMember


    I just got back from seeing it in IMAX, and I am amazed. It was all so real, the 3D was not intrusive at all, and the whole world was incredible. It's also a little nerve-wracking if you're afraid of heights. XD

    I'm going to see it again.
  20. cwb141

    cwb141Valued MemberMember

    Dancing With Wolves meets smurfs meets halo meets mech assault
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