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    Hey guys i know everyone has taken a vacation before, but how do you guys feed your fish while you are gone? Do you trust automatic fish feeders? How long can saltwater fish go without eating? Thanks for your input.
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    idk about saltwater but my fresh went about 2 weeks with no food while my brother was watching the tank. I just had him feed once in the middle of my vacation while i was gone for 2 weeks so they got some food. Never used a automatic feedes
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    Many fish can go a few days (up to 3) without food IMO, but others need a constant food supply (seahorses, mandarin goby spring to mind).

    The problem with 'starving' SW fish, it could lead to the natural hunting instinct kicking in. Well fed fish don't tend to go hunting for food. By hunting, I mean their natural food sources, hawkfish and inverts, angels and corals etc.

    Do I trust auto-feeders? Yes, I do, but it depends on the tank size, and the amount of food they dispense. You could end up with a nasty nitrate/phoshpate/algae problem if the tank is overfed.

    Also, if going away, you really want someone to come and care for your SW tank while you're gone:
    - Adding top-off water to avoid salinity spikes
    - Emptying protein skimmer cups
    - Dosing, if you dose anything in the tank, you need to maintain the regime
    - Keeping an eye on sump levels (if you have a sump)

    It doesn't take long for something to go wrong in SW, but it takes months to recover.
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    Ok thanks!