automatic feeding 110 Gallon Tank

  1. l

    lewisjameel New Member Member

    Has anyone every used a automatic feeding system on there tank and if so whats the pro and cons
  2. Camille

    Camille Valued Member Member

    I've never used an automatic feeding system but I've looked into them before. It sounds like most of them work pretty well. They keep the food dry, you can set the quantity of food that comes out, and how many times your fish get fed each day.
    But how hard is it to feed your fish? It takes only a minute of your time...
  3. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    I never used em myself But heres some pros and cons that i can think of
    Dont have worry feeding the fish
    Can go on vaction with out worry about the fish

    Dont get to see a fish do its things
    Its intesting to feed a fish ( depends on personality)
    Might overfeed ( Depend on the size)

    ME Myself i dont bother if you get one or not Just throwin my opinion out there