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So, I sent everything but this current sentence to a friend of mine, because he was curious on how to create a basic autofill system. It's pretty much just a "crash course" to it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to turn off your water supply when taking your valves out!

To autofill, you need to be near a water source. So a sink, fridge, etc. You can have a fish room right next to a bathroom, even.

You need to replace the output valve in the sink (for example) and replace it with a 1/2" and 1/4" valve. Here's one for example:"+and+1/2+"+sink+valve&qid=1597261554&sr=8-5

So I'm assuming you still want water out of your sink, so with this valve, you can get water out of the sink while still filling your aquarium. In the 1/4" output in the valve, you put this tube on: Pure Silicone Tubing - 1/8" ID x 1/4" OD - High Temp Kink-Free Hose Tube 500F (10 Feet): Home Improvement

And of course put the 1/2" pipe back in your 1/2" output so you can get water out of your sink again.

Now, you've got water ready to come out of a tube into your tank. Well, there are 2 things missing: filtration and a float ball. The float ball will let you set what level of water you want the tank to stay at.

Now lets discuss filtration!

You can't very well take water from your sink and bring it to your tank without dechlorinating it, and doing a bunch of other junk to it. You can't do it with an autofill system either. So, you need a filter.

When taking the hose I placed in the link above, you want to cut some of it and run it into the filter here:

The input and output holes of this filter are 1/2" but you can get a converter.

On the output of the filter, you can take the rest of your hose and connect it to the output.

Finally, you need the float ball. If you know how a toilet works, it's exactly the same way with how this works. Here's one I have in my house: Pxyelec 2pcs Water Filter Float Ball Valve with 1/4 inch Quick Connect Push in to Connect Tube Fittings, Adjustable Plastic Float Valve for Aquarium Water Purifiers Reverse Osmosis System (White): Home Improvement

Basically, you set the bobber to what the level of the water you want it to, and then you take the rest of your hose and put it in the bobber. So as your aquarium water evaporates the bobber will fall, and allow water to fill.

Here's the working process:

When the water level reaches below what you set the bobber to, water will come from your sink's cartage, through the filter, to the bobber, and into your tank.

It's pretty easy and fairly inexpensive. The hard part is trying to hide the hose. I have snaked the hose through the wall before, using a stick or something to help feed it through.

Hoped this helped, man!

Do note that this setup won't work for every house. It's a general setup, however. Just make sure you're aquarium(s) are close to a water source.

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