Auto-Scaping Vs wet elbows.


Hi... I remember spending hours days years scaping.
I would get so annoyed at myself for failing to achieve the look I was aiming at.
My breakthrough came after a trip to the then, London Zoo Aquarium House.
As I peered into the depths a thought came to me. "aha! Leave it be and let the plants do the scaping.
I tried it..did 1 initial aquascape planted plants and stepped back and waited.
The ongoing months revealed to me that nature had a very different idea about aquascaping.
I've been using this method many years now and I hardly ever get damp elbows anymore. LOL. But of course this is not for everyone.
So Scape away Bubblers.


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Cory Catherine

I have a similar method for aquascaping, I just have a couple of easy to care for plants and let them grow where they want to. It gives the aquarium the wild look I want with very little upkeep besides occasional trimming.

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