Auto-feeder Not Feeding Right

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by XenoMarc, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. XenoMarcValued MemberMember

    My family and I have a Juwel Rio 240l / 63 us gallon tank with 7 neon tetras, 6 panda cories, 5 male fancy guppies, 4 honey gouramis and 1 juvenile super red bristlenose pleco.
    In approximately 3 days, we're going to go on holiday for 19 days. We'll do a water change before we leave and a water test. We have a friend to check on the fish for us and to feed the pleco and panda cories the algae wafers and shrimp wafers every 2/3 days.
    As for the rest of the fish, we bought a Juwel auto-feeder which fits with our tank ( ).
    At first, we put very small pellets in the feeder but because they are so small, when we tested it, too many came out of the feeder.
    So instead, we bought some fish flakes and put them into the auto-feeder and when we tested it, a good amount came out efficiently. However, when we tested it again the next day, the flakes became stuck to the sides and all mushy similar to mushed tuna. I think it is because we didn't connect the air pump to it so overnight, it became mushy and stuck to the glass but I don't for sure.
    Any suggestions?
    Why do you think the flake food stuck to the glass?
    What other fish food should I try?
    Thank you and have a nice day! :)
  2. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    If it doesn't seem to be working correctly, I wouldn't rely on it when you're away. Couldn't your friend also feed the rest of your fish when he stops by to feed the pleco and cories?
  3. Fish'n'TipsNew MemberMember

    Try an ehiem everyday fish feeder, they are about as good as automatic feeders get, are pretty cheap and don't tend to have the difficulties that you describe.
  4. KiwiEnthusiastValued MemberMember

    Yup, mine does this when I don't have an air pump attached. No problems when it is, but if your worried you could always get a new one or those holiday feeding blocks?
  5. Redshark1Well Known MemberMember

    I have an Eheim one and suffer the same problems. For this reason I don't recommend these automatic feeders.

    The fish will be fine if the helper feeds a measured dose. In fact they could probably go the time without feeding if there was a unavoidable disaster.
  6. TwoHedWlfWell Known MemberMember

    Hey look, here's an fiend that's feeding the fish actuated auto feeder.


    Costs an extra $.10 per feeding.

    Seriously, you have someone coming over to check/feed the fish? Have them open a container and dump it in. Unless your friend is horribly unreliable, it's going to be more reliable than an autofeeder.

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