Australian Rainbows from petsmart

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rainbows, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. rainbows Valued Member Member

    Has anyone ever purchased the Australian rainbowfish from petsmart? I know not the best place to get fish... but, I bought 6 several months ago and was wondering if anyone knew exactly what type of Australian rainbowfish Petsmart sells? And how big they may get.
    **if you are familiar with these fish do you know about their behavior? They were sold as peaceful fish but my male is quite the bully. I'm trying to figure out what tank mates I can put with them? After quarantining 5 oto's (only 2 made it) I moved the remaining 2 to the tank with rainbows (planted) and anytime the oto's try to move around the rainbows chase them like they are food... I feel bad. These poor Oto's made it past quarantine which was not an easy task and now these fish think they are food. They’ve only been in the tank since yesterday- do you think things will calm down the rainbows will back off??

    Lots of questions but thanks for your time

  2. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    If you can post a pic of the Rainbows you have we can probably ID them for you. There are hundreds of varietes of them so a pic is definitley needed for ID purposes.

    I have Chequered Rainbows in one of my tanks & they don't bother my Otos at all. In general Rainbows are fairly peacefull but they are prone to bouts of aggression. There are some species that are more aggressive in nature though & you may have one of those.

  3. navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    I got some about 8 months ago and they will chase anything that is bright in color so don't put any Neons with them. They tried to chase my Ottos but they got tired of doing it and they don't do it anymore.

  4. rainbows Valued Member Member

    Navyscuba: did you by chance get yours from petsmart? How big are yours after 8 months?

    Do you have any suggestions for other tank mates? This is a 29 gal (standard length- 30 inches). I plan on trying a few more oto's if they make it through quarantine and panda cories... If oto's are unsuccessful I thought maybe a bristlenose catfish. I would also like to add another species but was not sure what would be a good match for these guys.

    I'll try to post pics (my camera is not very good and they are not very cooperative)

    thank you
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  5. rainbows Valued Member Member

    sorry for the poor quality

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  6. navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    Yeap those look like Aussies. I got mine from Petsmart a long time ago. They are about 4" at the moment.
  7. rainbows Valued Member Member

    what fish do you have with your rainbows and do they get along?
  8. navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    6 angels, 4 Ottos, 2 cories, 2 tetras and 8 Leopard Danios. They get along great.
  9. rainbows Valued Member Member

    Just curious: how may rainbows do you have and does the dominant male bully the others? Mine is relentless sometimes. I was wondering if adding another species would tame this a bit.
  10. navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    I only have 2 but I had 5 of them. Trade it the other 3. The dominant male always will chase the others every now and then but is not a constant thing.