Australian Rainbowfish colorful?


Hi everyone, I want to add Rainbow fish to my community aquarium. How colorful are they? Or should I go with Bosemani rainbowfishes?

I wanna make sure these fish are nice and colourful as I want some flashy fishes in my tank that look beautiful.

I found these guys at Petsmart for $4 each so I think they are a good deal. They were a nice colour but not too colorful.


Rainbowfish need a large tank because they’re very fast, open space swimmers. They also prefer a group of at least six of their own species.

Yellow rainbowfish, while not as colourful as boesemani rainbowfish, I find to be very cool, yet aggressive feeding fish. In peaceful community tanks they may disrupt the peace which the other fish enjoy. There are so many rainbowfish species to choose from so I advise you to look them up.

Keep in mind that it takes boesemani rainbowfish a long time to develop their orange and blue colour. Juveniles are more green and yellow, and will slowly change colour as they mature.

How large is your tank? Is it cycled?


Certain species of rainbowfish can be very colorful. Boesmani and Turquoise in particular. Males more colorful than females, but you need the females to induce the males to show their full color. Once you see a male rainbow flashing for a female, you will be very pleased.

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