Attack of the killer Parrot!! Funny

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    So I was doing the weekly WCs yesterday on all of my big tanks and I have no idea what has gotten into my BPs but they were NOT happy campers when I was vaccuming!! Usually the most timid and hidden of ALL my fishes they were literally chasing the siphon tube around attacking it!!! Then, when I was done and filling the tank back up and rearranging what I had moved around to clean, one of them bit me!!! It kinda hurt too!! You wouldnt think it would with the types of mouths they have but it did!! And of course the one time I didnt remove the hood/light this happens and I jerked my hand back so fast that the hood fell into the water!! Thank goodness the light didnt reach the water or goodness knows what coulda happened.

    Is this normal BP behavior?? Or should I start wondering if something is going on with them? I have noticed they used to hide on opposite sides of the tank and nudge each other if one happened onto the others spot. But they have since decided to hide out together all day everyday, except for at feeding time, or when they THINK no one is watching them...
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    Good morning,

    To me, it sounds like your Bloody Parrots are adapting to their environment. Before long, they will not hide even if you wanted them to. It's their home and the vacuum is invading it. Eventually they will get it over it. :)

    Mine do not bite me any more. Some of them will even allow me to pet their head or side and when they kiss my hands, it is one of the softest things I've ever felt. :)

    I'm glad to hear that the lighting didn't cause you any more issues. Something that I highly recommend is having GFCI strips for all of your tank equipment. These strips are designed to protect you from electrical shock. Other types of strips such as power strips and surge protectors are designed to protect your equipment. This equipment can be replaced, you can not. :)

    If you already have GFCI outlets....even better. :)

    Keep us posted on your fishes progress.

  3. OP

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    Thanks Ken! Good to know it is because they are (finally) starting to settle in in their tank. I was beginning to wonder if they ever would. When they were in the 50 gal they were out all the time of course they were a lot smaller then.

    I will get the surge protector outlet your posted about. I need to anyway. But that was a good reminder that I shouldnt keep putting it off..thanks!!
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    Is one a female with a nest? My female BP used to get quite angry while attending and guarding her eggs.
  5. OP

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    Not that I have noticed. And I have been looking for eggs. I always do...But I had similar thoughts when she first did it. Because it was only the one doing it the other one stayed hidden most of the time or followed her around as "back up" but didnt do much lol...Gotta love these guys!