Assuming Fin Rot?

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    It HAS NOT been my month.. & its only the 8th. Well long story short I have a pair of Angelfish, Luna & Minibar, Gold Angel & Red Koi. Due to constant breeding they were recently located to a tank where they could breed regularly in peace. (They get as far as free-swimmers for a few days and eat them.) But whatever makes them happy. I do weekly water changes but lately have been doing them every 2-3 days because of this constant heat! Though I've been able to regulate my temperature much better in the last few weeks. However I think I may be dealing with fin rot. Possibly set off from a rough relocation. Out of all the fish I have ever had, my Angels by FAR are the worst to net.

    Couldn't get the best of pictures, but he has lost some length on his pelvic fin and I've noticed a white spot (I dont think ich) on the ventral fin, also at the bottom of the fin its a little raggidity.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    He's eating well, doesn't seem bothered by it, but would like to get it treated as soon as possible...

    Ammonia: 0 ppm
    Nitrite: 0 ppm
    Nitrate: <5 ppm
    pH: 7.4
    Temp: 80F
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    seems like stress + high temp. i'd suggest using meth blue. although this dye will color your silicone. you might want to hospital tank your fish