Assorted Zebra Eggs

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by RedTailRookie, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. RedTailRookieValued MemberMember

    Been a minute since I ve posted on here for good reason. Been working on my 125 and my cichlids lately. Had a spawn of red jewels that I'm now growing out. This thread however is about tumbling zebra eggs. I did my first ever egg stripping an placed the various eggs from 2 different zebra females into 2 tumblers. I believed the tumbler air pressure was up to high to begin with as it was a whirling durbish in there and later I dailed it down so that they move a little and some swirl in a circular fashion. As a result some of the eggs have changed shape to a round top with a cone shaped bottom which is darker in color than the top. A 2 toned egg. Am I correct in saying I damaged the eggs and they are no longer viable ? Will try to snap a photo but maybe a little difficult.

  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    Time to sort through the eggs and remove all the discolored ones. Those are indeed infertile and need to be removed to avoid infecting the others with fungus. When I tumble eggs I make it so they are moving just a little. Slight bouncing is good but jumbling around like popcorn isn't.

    After a couple days of being laid, the eggs will develop a slightly darker orange spot within them. Those are fertile eggs. After a weeks or so you will see the more pointed end of the egg with little eyes and slightly clear, then the eggs will hatch and have the tiny fry on them.

    I usually like to wait at least until the eggs have hatched before stripping the female. That way you can easily tell which eggs are fertile and which ones need to be removed.

    Keep in mind that it is normal to have a few bad eggs, ones that are misshapen or simply didn't get fertilized. First time mothers are more likely to have fewer fertile eggs.
  3. RedTailRookieValued MemberMember

    They both had been holding about 1.5 weeks give or take as I wasnt able to particularly pinpoint the exact day I noticed them holding but it wasn't long after the red zebra female and she has already spit her free swimmers of which I was only able to save 4 of as I'm positive any others were eaten.
  4. RedTailRookieValued MemberMember

    Well this was my first time stripping any fish so I did expect to have many losses just wanted an easier way to collect my fry rather than fishing them out of my heavily rocked scaped 125 with numerous larger fish that would readily gobble them up. Learning curve !
  5. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    I imagine the eggs would look further along than they do at 1.5 weeks. Usually at 10 days they hatch, depending on the temp. Those eggs look pretty fresh to me.

    Time will tell either way, in 2 days you should see either healthy eggs or pale discolored eggs in the tumbler.
  6. RedTailRookieValued MemberMember

    You were correct most were infertile and have been removed and 6 of them have hatched and have fry wriggling on top of them. They appeared late before I cut the lights off 3 days ago.

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