"assorted Cichlids", Mbuna?

  1. J

    JDBetta New Member Member

    I bought these 6 as teeny babies a few months ago, looking for help ID'ing. Are these all Mbuna? These were the best pictures I could get, they were a bit feisty this morning. a67f26a73bda9cb7dd39285b11f55db8.jpg c607f7ff883d8504d3b1d0b4b0e98826.jpg d1bf93e751f40403b1de0a57808ad9db.jpg 212bd8558e56ba9987f6bdabf4142e77.jpg 91f037fc3e2b588b7b91708fcb513f44.jpg f053bd203abd74ac961f49389a8fcbf6.jpg dc7b012356cd762a8e4638e18018f8c1.jpg db72843b8fe9e14444ff1fce09446224.jpg
  2. CraiginWales

    CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    I'm fairly sure they're all Mbuna. The one with the black mark on it's head though, not certain. Never seen one like that before. It could of course be a hybrid.
  3. fissh

    fissh Well Known Member Member

    Those are all mbuna, the one with a black spot is a red zebra with a black spot.
  4. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    They look like mbuna to me as well. The famous and tempting Assorted African tanks at stores are usually hybrid mbuna around here. If you aren't concerned with breeding them, they are pretty cool fish.
  5. RedTailRookie

    RedTailRookie Valued Member Member

    I think it's known that they're mbuna I think we re being asked to ID what kind of mbuna.

    In the first pic on the right I believe thats an Ice blue zebra

    The big yellow one with white belly looks like my red zebra male

    The one with the black spot is a red zebra with a malnutrition blotch if there were more of them I'd b more inclined to say OB zebra but it's clearly not.

    In the second photo the one in the middle looks like the same fish in the bottom left of the first photo and it looks like the fish on he right side so I d say it's possibly an ice blue zebra as well. Would need to see face shapes better.

    In the second photo the yellow mbuna on the left looks like a kenyi

    I can't identify the dark blue one.

    These are my best guesses based on your photos and the cichlids I ve had time to look into and research. I ve only had experience with these kinds of cichlids for a few months but please feel free to google images of what i said I believe they are and you can agree or disagree. But from what I can see those would be my conclusions on what they could be.

    Goodluck and beautiful fish and tank btw