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HI everyone!

I just mentioned this issue in another post I have about cycling but I'm thinking this section would be a better place to ask. I have a ten gallon tank with no fish that isn't cycled yet but it's been set up for a few weeks now. I've been out of town a lot and noticed a bladder snail a while ago. Now I've been able to count four at one time. I was out today and one of the stores I was at had assassin snails so I picked one up without really considering the cycling issue properly. He's in the tank now and should be fine for the time being because ammonia/nitrites/nitrates are all zero. I had been trying to cycle the tank with fish food but stopped putting any in about a week ago because I was afraid the snail population would go nuts. Someone recommended I get ammonia to cycle which I bought today but haven't added.

So my question now is how should I go about cycling with an assassin in the tank? I'm assuming I shouldn't just add pure ammonia while he's in there. Would I be able to cycle with fish food and just do water changes to keep the ammonia down? I also have an empty 2.5 gallon that I could move him to temporarily. The pet store also said they'd take him back later if I wanted to get rid of him so if that's my only option I could also do that!


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If you have a spare tank to put him in you may as well use it. As for using ammonia to cycle the tank add only a little at a time until you get a reading of 5 ppm then every few days add enough to top it up to 5 ppm. If you use bacteria in a bottle ( I use API quick start ) it will cycle quicker. Monitor your test results. First nitrites will increase as the bacteria that turn ammonia to nitrites multiply then nitrates should increase as the bacteria that turn nitrites to nitrates multiply. Once the nitrites start to drop and nitrates rise stop adding ammonia. Soon you should have very little ammonia or nitrites and high nitrates. You can then reduce the nitrates with water changes and your tank is cycled

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