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My 35 gallon tank are full of pond snails. How many assasin snail are needed for this tank size? Do they breed like crazy? Also do they lay eggs like nerite? What should I feed them once all snails are gone? Do they harm kuhlI loach or corys?


I started with just a few and they populated for me. They do populate relatively quickly, but nowhere NEAR as fast as the pond snails.
I have never seen their eggs before. So they aren't like nerite eggs that you will see all over the tank.
The assassins will go after large snails if they run out of pest snails. They will gang up on nerites or mysteries. So if you have any of those, make sure the assassins don't run out of pests entirely.

They will not hurt loaches or cories.

And they sell really well. So when you end up with a large population of them, you can sell some.

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You could get away with 2 depending on how many pond snails there are in the tank. And yes they will breed, but very easy to get rid of. I put up a listing on a Facebook group in my area and had 40 spoken for within an hour. They will eat the regular fish food after they run out of snails or dead fish. They leave the other fish alone.


I put an even dozen of them in my 55 gallon tank. For me they haven't bred like crazy. Others have reported that theirs did. I put in a dozen. Removed all I could find a year later and found 4 dozen. How many you start with depends on how many pests there are in your tank. Pests breed so fast just one or two assassins can't possible make a dent in the their population. If I were you I would add at least 10.

I saved a few of the ramshorn snails and they are now breeding and multiplying in their own 2.5 gallon tank. Now that they have eliminated the pest snails in my main tank I feed my assassins shrimp pellets, tetra tropical crisps and at least once a week some of their favorite food (snails).

Now that the assassins have done their job I will sell some of them once the heat of summer has passed.


Basicly assassins have sex so they can't breed unless you have a male and female and they lay one egg at a time they can mate for more then 12 h and they are quite long to grow big and if you pull them out its easy to keep control and as other said they eat pretty much anything I have breeding shrimps with the assassin and everybody is doing fine I saw 1 time a snail feeding off a shrimp but the shrimp was dying otherwise never seen anything other than that . here are some photo of the eggs

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