Artificially Hatching Eggs:a Step By Step Guide To Success!


I've been meaning to write this up for a while and am finally getting round to it.

I'd read a few attempts at people artificially hatching shrimp eggs so a few weeks ago when I found one of my biggest, reddest berried females dead right at the front of the tank, I thought I'd give it a go. (I've no idea why she died, I know that they just do sometimes...)

Here's what I did (with a pic of my everyday equipment and a few shots taken during my attempt)

* I put on some disposable latex gloves as I'd read that you mustn't touch the eggs then carefully laid the shrimp on a clear lid (from a yoghurt pot) There was a film of water from the net on the plastic which kept the shrimp/eggs from drying out

* I got a small pot of aquarium water (a glass tea light holder) and put a marble sized blob of filter floss into this water-I'd seen a YouTube video where someone used filter floss as substitute for the mother's 'glue' to hold the eggs, while still allowing them to move.

*Very gently, using a blunt darning needle, I prised the eggs out of the shrimp and sort of slid them along out of the way on the wet plastic, if that makes sense.

*I tried my best to separate them using the needle, some were separate, some still together.

*I dabbed the wet filter floss on the eggs and it picked them up (like wiping crumbs from a table with a wet cloth) I then folded the floss up so that the eggs were in the middle of it. There was one quite near the outside and this one became my 'guide egg' that I could see without constantly pulling the floss apart.

*Now, where to put this? I'd seen people floating a net with the eggs in it, along with egg tumblers etc. I tried to balance a net near the filter outlet, but it kept tipping over. I wanted somewhere with movement and oxygen....the 'chimney' pipe on the sponge filter!

*I put the little ball of floss/eggs into the pipe and threaded a square of net (from a shower puff) onto the airline tube, this stopped the floss from being pushed up and out of the pipe. Water and bubbles flowed over it, just like, I thought, the mother fanning her eggs.

*That was it, then I waited...I took the floss out each day to have a look and could see the eggs changing colour and little eyes appearing...

*A week later, on my daily look-there it was, a little baby shrimp hatching out right before my eyes!!

* I put the floss into the tank and gently pulled it apart, I spotted a few little shrimps float/jump out down onto the sponge filter...amazing! (sorry that pic is very blurry, I took it down through the water)

* But, there you go-success with a yoghurt lid, needle and a bit of filter floss.

I really hope that this helps any one else that unfortunately finds a dead berried shrimp and wants to give hatching the eggs a go!




Wow! What a great idea! And seems simple enough without having to go buy any special equipment!!

I'm going to bookmark this just in case. If I ever have to use it, I hope it works just as well for me.

Thank you so much for sharing, itsEmma !
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I'm glad that you think it might be useful AquaBaby , (although I hope that you never need it, if you know what I mean!)
I just thought that for the average shrimp keeper, we don't tend to have an egg tumbler lying around, and when you find a dead/berried shrimp, there's no time to get onto Amazon to buy one...
So, I had a go with what I had in my home and thought it could be helpful to share my experience if anyone else is in the sad position of finding a berried shrimp dead.
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