Are Zebra Plecos Aggressive To Other Bottom Dwellers? Question

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    I have a 3ft, 320L tank with a female Bristlenose, some Corydoras a variety of tetras. BN is fully grown. Her name is Blackie.

    My partner thought it'd be a good idea to add a couple of L333 Plecos. It's been about six months since we got them. From what I've read they can be very aggressive and territorial.

    Partner also added about six baby Bristlenose (without telling me) while I was away for work. They all died within two weeks, and I'm fairly certain the zebras killed them. Although it could have been that he didn't acclimatise them properly when he added them. The parameters were fine. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and I think the nitrates were at about 5.

    I'm worried that they're going to start attacking Blackie when they get big enough. Do you guys think it'd be best to rehome the zebras? The tank is pretty large and she does have plenty of hiding places to escape from them if they do attack her, but it still worries me.
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    The L333, or King Tiger, Pleco is rated as being peaceful towards other fish but males may be aggressive with each other. They are highly carnivorous though and do not eat algae.

    The Zebra Pleco is L46 or L98.

    Also, in my experience fish usually do not become aggressive towards other fish they grew up with. New additions can be another story.
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