Are you building a bubble nest?

My male betta (Inari) doens't seem to acting very different he's just as active as he normally is but I think he is building a bubble nest I have a pic I will appologize for the quality though. It was taken with a very low def camera, like a cheap webcam. I'm wondering if now he wants to reproduce or what I've seen him do this....but I've only had him for a few weeks!! If it is not a bubble nest what is it and why is he doing it?

ok is there any behavioral differences that I could watch for?? jw and u did mean young as in teenage (betta equivilent) bettas I thought mine was older than that!!! and is it ok to continue with my 50% water changes since he's in a small tank? or should I just leave him alone for a while?
You can change water just fine. Male bettas do make them (age doesn't really matter from my experience). My Jesse made them quite frequently even up until a couple weeks before he passed. It doesn't necessarily mean they want to breed. They just enjoy doing it I think.

Lilex had started making them not too long ago and Chickadee said it shows signs of contentment. Looks like your guy is happy to be where he is!

That's cool to learn about them being old and still doing the nests! I'm sory for your lost though.

My friends bettas after they get older don't make bubble nests...
Thanks. Jesse passed some time ago but I still miss him. He was my very first betta.

Yes, that is my understanding on the bettas and their bubble nests ... Chickadee may have some more insight though. Definitely nothing to worry about though.
alright cool I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I sould be watching for that's all
Male Bettas will make bubble nests if they are happy and healthy.
Do continue with water doesn't matter if you wreck the bubblenest when doing so. He'll probably just make a new one.
If he was a bubblenest then he will make one and yes they do that when they are content and happy. InarI must be healthy and happy or at least fine with the world right now so just imagine what you will have when he gets his new big tank?!!

This is a good thing.


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