Are you addicted to fish?

Are you addicted to fish?

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Hoplessly addicted to my fishies!

I love my fish and could not imagine my life without them. They are sometimes a lot of work but I get great enjoyment and relaxation from watching them and can sit in front of the tank for hours just watching them swimming around and doing what fish do.

I am always glad when doctor's offices have a fish tank as I do not like going to the doctor and am always nervous and on edge and watching their fish calms me down. Wish I could take a tank of fish with me on job interviews! lol;D
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I really enjoyed this Poll
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I plan out my future 55G convict tank in my sleep..
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I have to many bills......I wish I could afford more, but that doesn't stop me from learning more about them.
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hahaha rhetorical questions are the best
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I just started but I am already hooked and wanting more tanks!!!
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I'm addicted I spend all my money on more fishtanks I have a problem
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I most defiantly am addicted! I love all fish (except plecos) and pretty much as soon as I make some money, it goes right to my fish
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now lets see where can I hide the new tank from the gf
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Sorry about that outburst, its just, I have a big problem
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I guess when you send every available cent you have including your B-Day money on fish...maybe I'm addicted
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Yep, addicted to fishes.
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Yes I'm a total fishaholic when I see a fish and I want it I get it so I think it makes me a fish addicted
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I have a problem... I attend FAA (Fish Addicts Anonymous) weekly...
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What's wrong with sitting in front of my tank watching it for hours on an end?

I hope nothing! >.>

I am totally addicted to fish. I spend countless hours watching my fish, researching other fish, way way too much time here on Fishlore, and a heck of a lot of time tweaking my tanks. I have 6 tanks, a 26 gallon, a 46 gallon, a 29 gallon, a 5 gallon, and a very small 2.5 gallon (for my Betta) I really wish I could get a bigger tank, but you see I'm running put of room to put them all. Maintence really needs two different days now instead of one, and extra cash doesn't exist. I go to my LFS two or three times a week, just to see what's in stock, I really ought to stop bringing fish home as my parents are starting to complain that the basement "stinks" of "aquarium water." but I don't smell it...

Could it be all the fish food, or just too many tanks. I dunno, but I DON'T have a problem. I could quit, if I wanted to.
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I only have 2 tanks, and I only spent my free time looking at fish and fish mags and this site such, so I'm too addicted I guess, even though my model railroad hasn't been worked on lately....

Anyway I'm not crazy about all kinds of fish, only the one's that swim in water.
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Sorry, what was the question...... I just got back from the LFS.
Yes, I am completely addicted to my fish, and I love it and would not have it any other way. So there!!!
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I swear, I'm not addi....ok, maybe I am, with 10 running tanks, a pond, an active member in my local fish club and about 4 empty tanks right now.
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hopelessly addicted
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Hello, my name is Paul and I am addicted to fish!
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Yes for me. XD I mean I don't have posters or t-shirts.. That will be a bit hardcore. lol
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Yes very addicted,quit for a few years and sold everything.I bought a 55 gallon then a 125g and 3- 10g.As soon as my daughter moves out I will have some more that will go in her room.
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Yes very addicted,quit for a few years and sold everything.I bought a 55 gallon then a 125g and 3- 10g.As soon as my daughter moves out I will have some more that will go in her room.

If you are very addicted with only 5 tanks I wond er what that makes me with 18 tanks. I have set up at this time: 1 - 125 gallon, 3 - 55 gallon, 5 - 30 gallon, 1 - 20 gallon, 1 - 18 gallon selfbuilt and 5 - 10 gallon. Then I have 2 ten gallons in the standby mode ready to be set up in a moments notice. I have extra filters running in the other tanks for emerency use.
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I may be slightly addicted, but wouldn't call it a "problem". More like a passion or love or hobby. Oh, fine. I'll admit it. I could *possibly* need to go to rehab for my slight addiction.
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Absolutely! And grateful for it! And I'm happy, joyous and free!

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I could *possibly* need to go to rehab for my slight addiction.

It's tough going to rehab when they have a fish tank in the waiting room. They say it helps lower blood pressure; heck I'm doing that for free at home.
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Free at home rehab - that sounds like my kinda rehab - does it come with lunch too?
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Its A Healthy Addiction! ^_^
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I am addicted to fish.
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LOL Everyone who answered is at least a mild fish addict...if you weren't you wouldn't be a member of a FISH forum.
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[QUOTE Tayful]I'm obsessed with fish, but my parents won't allow me to have a full obsession with MTS - however, I can say I'm still quite obsessed - I spend hours looking at fish and researching everything about them online all the time.

Same here .
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Hannah fish same here I'm obsessed with fish and I look online about them all the time lol
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Pffft... Me? Addicted? Nah... that trickling sound? Oh... That's the erm... Ok, so maybe I have a "bit" of a problem... But I can stop any time I want to.
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If you would have ask me before I bought all these fish tanks I would have said NO.
But, Hello, My name is Tom and I am addicted to Fish.
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