Are you addicted to fish?

Are you addicted to fish?

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I've noticed that some people have a compulsion...they just can't help themselves. They see a fish they like, and they just have to have it!

Marital and other family conflict disregarded, these fish junkies just keep spending whatever they can spare on extra tanks and equipment to house their seemingly endless inflow of little fishie babies.

Are you among them? Are you infected with an overwhelming urge to rescue or otherwise acquire fishie friends and flood your home with your aquatic addiction? :console:

Fear not, for you are not alone! Inspired by my observations of a particularly afflicted portion of this population, I have decided to found Aquarium Keepers Anonymous - a.k.a. AKA! Remember, the first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem!
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Lol! I am definetly addicted to fish, but I have to say I don't see it as much of a problem Its a healthy addiction. The only potental problem is that I am running out of places to put tanks
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Problem? I don't have a problem! I can quit anytime I want. drool
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Yeah....uh me too...........wait! I need more fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Problem? I don't have a problem! I can quit anytime I want. drool
Me too Dave but I want just one more before I quit
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If by addicted you mean get of the XBOX to watch them for the last three hours the light is on everyday, then yes quite addicted.
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Ya think buying 3 betta in a week means I have a problem? Just because our living room looks like a fish room doesn't mean we have a problem. lol
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Oh you mean like the killifish I have on hold at the LFS that I had to comp[romise with cause they know I have a fish addiction (They wouldn't let me take the fish home that day hence hold)
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I am in complete control of my hobby.
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If money would let me (Hey, it dosen't come easy to a kid who isn't even a teen yet!) I'd have tanks everywhere.... My kids are going to have at least 2 Betta each...

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Yes I am a fish aholic, and I honestly would rather have this as a habit than many other things I could think of... I have a problem, but I have no plans of going to ithaholics anynomous anytime soon...
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I can't even vote in my own poll...I needed one more in-between option!

I'm not addicted, yet, but I can see how my current interest could grow once I have the space and knowledge to support what seems like an inevitable future case of MTS.
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I'm trying to squeeze tanks into a place I don't even live yet.. nothing out of the ordinary there. I do have to wonder why houses just don't come with a built in 110g+ aquarium, think of the lives they would save by getting rid of all that extra time people spent vegging out infront of the TV?
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My wife has accused me of loving my fish more than my children. This is simply not true, I love my children at least almost as much as my fish

In reality though, I may have a bit of a problem. It started out as a tank in the daughter's room. I soon noticed that I was spending a whole lot of time in the daughter's room staring at the tank. The problem was that I had to leave the room when it was time for her to go to bed. Soon, I had a second tank in the living room. Problem was, the living room is downstairs, while the office is upstairs. The next logical step was to put a tank upstairs in the office. Unfortunately, although the office is adjacent to the bedroom, the office tank is invisible from the bedroom, so now there's a tank in the bedroom as well. My wife made me put the brakes on when I suggested tanks for the kitchen and the bathroom. I didn't see it as a problem, but apparently she did, for some unknown reason.

The final step (so far) was the 5 gallon minibow corner desk tank that I have at work.

I believe the official medical term for this malady is MTS, or Multiple Tank Syndrome. Fortuantely, there is no cure (except budgetary concerns, of course. But then again, do the children really need to eat this month?).
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I'm obsessed with fish, but my parents and house won't allow me to have a full obsession with MTS - however, I can say I'm still quite obsessed - I spend hours looking at fish and researching everything about them online all the time. Haha.
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No I am addicted to fishes.I only like it.I also like to have a fish tank of different types of fishes.It create a beauty to our room.
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need help

I need help.I have a problem.I have an addiction,and to feed my addiction I need more money.I have been thinking about my problem,and its not fish its money that's the problem.
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I am in complete control of my hobby.

Dino, you are the only sensible one here, at least YOURS are tax deductible! im
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I'd question statements like that made by someone who I'd vote most likely (besides myself) to quote Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) - "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

*flares and bites Dino* >

Maybe I should have added another option - "I resent your implication that my fishkeeping is a HOBBY." It's an obsession!
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I voted that it was a small portion of my life. Not that I don't spend a lot of that life in reading and studying about them and that I don't go into a deep depression when one of them leaves me. Not that I do not allow them to decide what we watch on television sometimes or when it is time for the lights to go out for the night. Not that they do not get things for their use and care even when sometimes it means that I have to put off getting something I really need. Not that when I see something I think they would like I do not go out and purchase 12 of them to make sure they have enough. No I am not addicted...nope.

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Ahh, I see you're firmly in the "denial" phase of addiction.
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Addicted, well of course not! I mean geeze, I thought it was perfectly normal to sit in front of a fish tank and take photo's...C'mon, I'm not addicted!

Can someone please tell my husband what I do is normal??
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I'm not addicted to fish.. plants on the other hand I would rather not discuss!!!!!!!!
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Point to ponder... I got a 29 in September, since fishing season and the Orioles' season were both coming to an end. I now have 6 tanks. It is baseball season. It is fishing season. What do I do? We jus bought two angels, another guppy, two more mollies, and five snails Saturday night! No problem here.
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...if dreaming about talking fish is not being addictive..
then nope, I'm not either!
Fish Addict
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Just look at the name!
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My mom thinks that I use fish as a substitution for the real world. I look at her and say "What world is there other than fish?"

I figured this out ready... I am a high school girl, I spend about 83% of my money on fish, 13% on music, 10% to God. There is nothing wrong with that at all.
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My mom thinks that I use fish as a substitution for the real world. I look at her and say "What world is there other than fish?"

I figured this out ready... I am a high school girl, I spend about 83% of my money on fish, 13% on music, 10% to God. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

Haha, I so agree.
What 3 better things are there to spend money on?

Sure, I'm addicted... but I see no problem with that ;D
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People actually ask me if I eat fish, since I have mine and I love them.
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Me addicted lol!! I swear its normal for a kid to have five tanks in his bedroom !
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My name is NandI and I'm an ichthaholic!... but I love it!
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Know how every town has the Crazy Cat Lady? I'm the Crazy Fish Lady.
I may was well blow my money on fish, otherwise I'd throw it away at other common university activities, like drinking and pub-crawls. I don't see the problem with that.
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I wish I had a bigger tank than my 55 gallon because I want a lot of fish. But I only have 10 gallon tank with only 4 fish.
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Its not an addiction if you like it
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lol, I'm getting the shakes just thinking of parting with my babies... less than 2 months now
Maybe I'll LIKE the freedom from constant water changes??

fishlova #23
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Hehehe......addiction? healthy addiction at that! Problem? Um, tend to spend waaaaaay too when ya' go only to the first store for maybe Stress Coat, just things on your list you need to keep a healthy tank and you walk in see they have NEW decor or NEW fish instock and you find yourself thinkin' can I squeeze in one more or two fish? LOL Or maybe...OMG, that decor is the bomb I must have that! And next thing you know you are walkin out with new stuff! Or online shoppin is just as bad! ya' might have 3 boxes of fish stuff delivered to you in 1 week, or admired that decor piece on petsmart site and then the next day you find yourself looking for your credit card! that's me!

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yes I am an addict
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Addict....who......not me no never.... That's why I go into the LFS for things for my sugar glider and come out with that plus stuff for my fish tanks and a very big possibility of more fish. My point is when your a stay at home wife and your hubby works nights the TV and the computer gets boring after a bit and the dogs will sooner or later go to bed and you have nothing to do, your fishies are always up to something interesting. My hubby and friends think I'm crazy because I set and talk to my fish on a daily basis, to me it's completely normal. I swear I don't have a problem
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I kittenface aka Jennifer do have a problem, I have a problem of not having enough fish.
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