are they paired or buddies? 29 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Clownfish' started by fishaddiction, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. fishaddiction

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    I have been seeing my two clownfish more and more together the smaller one coming to the bigger one it just started today and I'm not sure if there pairing or just hanging out together. Just wondering what I should be looking for if there paired or just starting to become friends.
  2. guppylover321

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    Do you know what gender they both are? If you have a male and a female and male is always chasing after the female, their mating.
  3. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    The smaller one is I think a male because the other one is so much larger and the larger one I bet is a female. I'll try to upload a few pictures later.
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  4. guppylover321

    guppylover321New MemberMember

    Ok. If one is chasing another. They should be mating.
  5. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    there not chasing each other.

    the nemo one is larger than the black one. :)

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  6. JessiNoel21

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    Like I said in the other post the black one can still be to young to mate plus it can take time for them to adjust to the tank and each other. It took 9weeks for mine to pair up the guy I got them from said and it took a yr for them to lay their first eggs and three times in my tank before they got it right. So give it times and just enjoy them.
  7. ryanr

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    Respectfully, that's not how clowns mate. Typically the female will do the 'chasing' so to speak. But they don't actually chase each other around. The female may nip at the male's tail. The male will 'quiver' (like a seizure) when he's ready as well. Clowns are known for their mating dance/ritual:

    Respectfully, not true of clown behaviour. And more specifically to fishaddiction's case, one is a Percula, the other is Ocellaris. It is very possible that if one is chasing the other, this is territorial aggression, nothing to do with pairing/mating.

    Both may still be male at this point in time, particularly as they are different species.

    As I mentioned in your other threads, there is no guarantee that clowns will pair, particularly with different species. If you have chasing, I can't recall what order you introduced the fish, but if the first is chasing the second, I suspect territorial aggression, not pairing.
    If they are swimming together, doing their little 'clown dance' (not breeding ritual), chances are they are happy together.
  8. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    They are just swimming together so I will just leave them be for a while and I got the black ocellaris first.

    Thanks for the video were they (in the video) purcula clownfish because if they were than that's for certain my clownfish it looks identical to those in the video.
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  9. ryanr

    ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Sorry, I'm in the middle of water changes :giggle:

    I believe they are Percula's, but not 100%. The most definitive differentiation is the number of spines in the dorsal fin. Perc's have 10, Ocellaris have 11.

    Some good close ups:

    The percula will also tend to have a shorter, more rounded dorsal fin. And the black markings on Perc's tend to be greater. Someone once described the black markings on Ocellaris as a "tattoo outline", whereas the Perc's is like a blended black.

    Again, the spines in the dorsal are the best, most scientific differentiators. The rest is subjective, based on how you interpret the markings. Though I did just read that, occasionally (read rarely) the number of spines is different to the norm.

    Now, I gotta go do a water change on the reef :)
  10. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    My percula (I think) has a rounded dorsal fin but the black on it is a small amount.