Are they mating?

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by ILOVECORYS, Mar 19, 2012.


    ILOVECORYSValued MemberMember

    My rather round Bronze Cory is being chased by 2 slim corys.

    They are swimming across the tank, side to side, up and down.

    The 2 slimmer ones seem to be nipping or doing something to the dorsal fin of the one being chased.

    Is this the sign they are mating?
  2. apple429

    apple429Well Known MemberMember

    Yup... the male chases the female, and she drops eggs, the male will fertilize them!!!

    CONGRATS!!!! :;toast Grab a pepsi and toast me from across the Atlantic!! LOL
  3. OP

    ILOVECORYSValued MemberMember

    They been doing this for a few days now.

    Will have to mate and see.

    Cheers (pepsi glass clanking lol) :)

  4. plecodragonWell Known MemberMember

    That is the first part of the mating dance. It could be that the males are ready to mate but the female is not so ready.

    If you watch them they will chase the female all over the tank and eventually she will seem to latch onto the male anal fins in a "T" formation to fertilize her eggs. The Male is the top of the "T" Then she will swim off with eggs in her anal fins in a little basket shape to find a good spot to put them.

    Bronze cories tend to lay their eggs on the tank walls. Depending on the size of the female they can lay anywhere from a few eggs up to 30-40 at a time for hours. They tend to lay upwards of 200+ eggs each time they breed. They are also great egg eaters (both the males and females). So unless you save some, you may not get any survivors. Other fish love them too.
    Cool water changes can trigger breeding in bronze corydoras.

    Good luck.:;rocker

  5. OP

    ILOVECORYSValued MemberMember

    cheers plecodragon.

    They're in a community tank so I doubt any will survive. But if they do then its a bonus :)
  6. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

  7. OP

    ILOVECORYSValued MemberMember

    Tonight I counted around 38 eggs.

    Mostly on the side of a filter.

    Around 10 on a leaf.

    I don't have a spare tank set up so the eggs will probably get eaten :-(

    Be great if some manage to hatch and hide up.

    Fingers crossed :)
  8. apple429

    apple429Well Known MemberMember


    (Mario: "Congratulations!!")
  9. OP

    ILOVECORYSValued MemberMember

    It was late last night so didn't have time to set up a tank.

    Can't see any eggs this morning :-(

    Should have been more prepared.

    Tonight after work I shall use my small tank and a spare heater and filter to set up a tank for future spawn.

    Any ideas how often they spawn?

    More water changes to start them off again etc.
  10. Fall River

    Fall RiverValued MemberMember

    You could also just gently move the eggs into a breeder box. They'll be safe and you can keep an eye on them as they progress.
  11. OP

    ILOVECORYSValued MemberMember


    They hatched today!!!

    Bronze cory laid eggs on monday & managed to save around 100 eggs.

    I never meant to breed them. My weekly WC must have been enough to trigger the spawning.

    Oh, and I treat them bloodworm / mussels every few days :)

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