Are they gold or rosy barbs?...


Petco was selling them as gold barbs, but now I tend to believe they are rosy barbs... I have no previous experience with barbs, and they were pretty pale when I got them so I simply trusted petco crew....:/

Other thing is they are scratching a little on tank decorations, so I think there might be some parasite infection, even though their skin looks totally fine. Anyone knows a remedy that can help with most internal parasitic infections?

Fishy Friends

HI Dante 86 & welcome. Nice job on the video. Funny - those do look like Rosy Barbs - mine were sold to me as "Rosy" but I am certain they are gold☺


These are definitely rosy barbs.

And this is just how I ended up with a mixed shoal of gold and rosy barbs. It did not work out as the rosies nipped the gold barbs endlessly. Study them before you pay and walk out the door :b


well, thank you petco.....
rosy barbs grow to 6 inches and that tank is only 25 gal....
That video was made 3 days after I got them. When I was buying them they were all pretty pale yellowish color (including males).
Unfortunately, where I live the only other option of getting fish if buying online...

Claire Bear

HI and welcome. Given that you only have a 25g tank, you might want to take them back. Six inch fish will be to big for your tank plus they appear to have something going on causing them to flash. Though at this point it could be anything from water to ich to infection.
I have ended up several times buying fish or other aquatics that the LFS has recommended. Hard lessons but I am learning, we all have to be new at one time or another!


Looks like you need some Endler's

FishTank Maniacz

Positively not gold barbs.


Thanks for all your feedback.
Maybe I just buy them a bigger tank... they look like coolest fish I ever had. Really hyper. Or will post a craiglists add and give them to someone with bigger tank and good fish knowledge...
Definitely not returning them back to store. When I bought them they were all hiding behind one tiny plant...really didn't feel right.


I had mine in a 45-gal--they loved zipping from end to end. Have fun with your shoal


Rosy. That's what I have.

Roxie Brookshire

I love rosy barbs.

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