Are these water parameters okay for shrimp?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by Mom2some, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Mom2some

    Mom2someWell Known MemberMember

    So my tap kH is 4 drops, my gH is 7 drops. My pH was falling so I added shell pieces to my canister filter and a second piece of cuttlefish bone to the tank. I had tried Amano shrimp before but they disappeared. At the time I assumed due to our thick lipped gourami ( since rehomed), but now I wonder if the border line kH could have contributed. So my kH and gH have not changed since the addition of the shells, but the pH has stabilized. So I assume the shells are working. We would like to try shrimp again but are the parameters okay?

    Ammonia = 0 (until a water change, tap water has 1.0, but my tank manages it within 48 hours), 0 nitrite and nitrate 5-20.

    Current inhabitants: 2 m guppy, 2 m platy, 2 honey gourami, 5 Cardinal tetras, 4-5 green aneus corys, 1 ABNP, 1 mystery snail, 6? Nerites. 34 gallons, some live plants.
  2. Dragones5150918

    Dragones5150918Well Known MemberMember

    It sounds like you need to do what I have to do. I think it's time you buy some alkaline buffer. It's just calcium carbonate, but if you use to much it will increase your PH. For me, 1/2 tsp to a tsp (Depending on my kh at the time) in my 5 gallon bucket is enough to put my kh to 5dKH, and not effect my ph. So you'll have to experiment to find your amount.

    As for your peramaters, looks good to me.

    Keep in mind though, if it can fit most if the way into a fish's mouth, they will try to eat it. So buy big shrimp. lol
  3. OP

    Mom2someWell Known MemberMember

    Okay Dragon, thanks. What level should be my target for kH? Can I add the alkalinity buffer directly to the tank? I have been loving using the python for my weekly 50% water changes.
  4. Dragones5150918

    Dragones5150918Well Known MemberMember

    You should target between 5 and 8 drops. 5 will keep the pH stable in the tank.

    If your using the Python, take a cup of tank water and add in some buffer (like 1/2 tsp), add it to your tank. Let it cycle a bit so it gets circulated, then test kh again. Once you reach 5 you can stop.
  5. OP

    Mom2someWell Known MemberMember

    Bithimala... Any thoughts if 5 drops will be enough for shrimp & the snails? I can't recall what levels that actually translates to.
  6. Dragones5150918

    Dragones5150918Well Known MemberMember

    About 90ppm

    Edit: For shrimp you need between 4dkh and 10dkh, but need at least 6dgh. Does that help?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
  7. Bithimala

    BithimalaFishlore VIPMember

    My pH holds steady with 4 KH (my water is 1-2 out of the tap...) honestly and my shrimp are doing well at that, my GH, however, is much higher. The alkaline buffer is made to intentionally increase the pH in the tank. If it's holding steady at 7.4-7.6, I don't think I'd worry about adding it personally, but that's me. I don't think getting it up to 5 would cause you any problems, just not sure it's worth the work.

    I'd personally say the parameters are fine for shrimp.

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